Five Cool Coats by Next

Craig from Eldred Grove shows us his top five favourite coats for this winter by Next

Looking like I own it. Image by PhotoByIan
With the days getting colder and wetter its a good time to make that one seasonal purchase that we all do and invest in a new coat. Keeping it at the more dapper end of the range here are my top five coats from Next.

Number 5 – The Pea Coat

With its large collar that can be turned up against the elements, the pea coat has stood the test of time as a classic coat. Double breasted and unbelted is gives a clean silhouette.

With its design firmly rooted in naval history it has stood the test of time, so if it’s been a solid wearable coat since its origin in the 1700’s it’s good enough for me.

Mine is a green colour but other colours such as black, navy and grey are available too. Next also offers one with a cosy Borg collar.

I love mine but I would love it more if it were longer and I find the wrist straps somewhat fussy, hence it sits at number five.

The classic double breasted Pea Coat by Next
Image by PhotoByIan

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