Know your shoes

Craig of That Dapper Chap tells us everything we need to know about the difference between the various styles of men’s shoes

Any dapper gent worth their salt needs great shoes. He also needs to understand his shoes to ensure that he wears the right shoe for the right occasion.

Confused about the differences between an Oxford and a loafer? Unsure what a kilted brogue is? Unsure if you need Monk straps in your life? Worry no more, That Dapper Chap is here to help and tell you everything that you need to know.

Blogger tells us the difference between mens shoe styles

Mens shoes are available in a wide range of styles but can you tell which each style is?


If you’re looking for a formal shoe for the office or a smart occasion Oxfords are the way to go. They tend to be very plain, unobtrusive and inoffensive. They are a very neat lace up shoe, and the section with the eyelets for the laces is sewn under the top section of the shoe. They may come with or without a toe cap and tend to be available in black and brown more than other colourways. A black tie event may call for a pair in patent leather for impeccable elegance.

Influencer tells us the difference between different types of mens shoes

Oxfords: Patent black leather from Cheaney. Brown leather from Cheaney and Oxfords with a toe cap from Next


Another great formal option, a Derby only really differs from an Oxford in that the section that contains the eyelets for the laces is outside and not stitched under the top section. Again they can come with or without a toe cap.  Both Derby and Oxford shoes can come in patterned leather or with brogueing and other details, so they don’t need to be plain if you fancied something a little more interesting.

How to tell the difference between Oxford and Derby shoes

Derby’s: black leather ‘Rutherford’ Derby shoes from Barker. Barker ‘Benedict’ and Robinson’s ‘chester’

That Dapper Chap describes the types of mens shoes

Me wearing Oxford shoes in brown suede by White Stuff

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What I Wore Today – Styling shoes by The Cano Shoe

Craig of That Dapper Chap shares what he wore today in a post where he styles the Benito sandals by The Cano Shoe and offers readers a 15% discount

It’s the time of year when the boots get put to the back of the cupboard and we pull out footwear more suited to warmer weather. The Cano Shoe offers a really nice range of fine quality shoes, each pair hand woven by Mexican artisans dedicated to keeping the ancient tradition alive.

Offering a selection of both men’s and women’s shoes, the gents collection consists of three styles: Pancho Villa, Benito and Zapata. All three styles are available in different colours from black to red, like the Benito sandals that I am styling today.

Three styles of hand woven shoes from Tha Cano Shoe: Zapata in black, Pancho Villa in brown , Benito in blue and  Zapata in grey


For this sponsored post I wanted the colour of the shoes to be the main focus, so chose a shirt with a similar coloured pattern. The pattern on the shirt is also reminiscent of the woven lines within the shoes.

With jeans to keep the looks relaxed, I accessorised with colour matching bracelets and watch strap to carry the story forward, and added briefcase to sharpen the look. It also sits well within the colour palate.






If you’re looking for a new pair of summer shoes, look no further and see what The Cano Shoe can bring to your wardrobe. I can testify that these shoes are incredibly comfortable. I wore them all day, without socks and this was perfectly fine. No blisters, no pinching or rubbing. Just what you need from a summer shoe.

Get a 15% discount on your Cano Shoes

To get a 15% discount on your own pair of Cano shoes, just check out as usual and add code DAPPERCHAP15 in the ‘Add a coupon code’ section. Easy!