That Dapper Chap X Topman – Great Britain, Great Suits

Craig of That Dapper Chap joins Topman for their Suit Style By City campaign which showcases different looks for different UK cities

Every guy needs a great suit, so I was pleased to be asked to be part of the Topman Suit Style By City Campaign, where the brand took seven top UK menswear bloggers and asked us each to represent a city based on what look is popular in that particular city.

Having relations in Brighton, that’s the city I chose. A popular look for guys in this diverse and eclectic city is a roll neck sweater worn under a suit, and this is my take on it.

The suit grid flatlay as seem on Instagram

A good suit is a wardrobe staple and even if you work in a factory or have a uniform that you wear for your 9-5, you will have an event which calls for one at some point, be it a wedding, Christening, funeral, barmitzvah or whatever, you will have one! Yes, you can wear separates but why not really look the part in a sharp suit.

Topman have a great range of suits right now and there’s something to suit all tastes, skinny fit, slim fit and a range of suits at just £100 

Check out the story on the Topman website

This skinny fit khaki green suit is from the £100 range and is a great colour. I wear suits a lot so I wanted to get something a bit different. Green is a great spring colour, so with thoughts of warmer weather and the rebirth of nature that’s the path I took. It also reflects the colourful nature of the city that I’m representing.

The awesome Brighton pier

Sunglasses needed for the winter sun

To go under the suit I chose a stone roll neck. To add a bit of contrast I chose darker accessories such as the brown flower lapel pin, the tortoiseshell sun glasses and the Delta Longwing burgundy leather brogues which I love!

The Delta Longwing brogues

Suited and booted for the city

Brighton beach, classically British

Suit, sweater and shoes from Topman 

The ‘Maxy’ woven elasticated belt continues the accent story and is by Brydon Brothers. Since it arrived it’s quickly become a firm favorite of mine. 

The burgundy briefcase picks up the colour of the shoes very well and is the multi pocket Batchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company

The Brydon Brothers elastic belt

The Brighton pavilion, a stunning piece of architecture

Brighton itself is a very cool city and as I have family there I have a good excuse to visit! With great cafes, shopping and a truly diverse culture it’s a city that I’d recommend you visit. When you do, just add a note here or add a pic to instagram and tag me! But don’t forget to take that roll neck sweater!

Mr Alston Craig vintage leather wallet

Enjoying a well deserved coffee

Cafe culture is strong in Brighton

My new Ice City watch continues the colour story

I know I shouldn’t but everything in moderation right!

Coffee keeps me going, like energy in a cup

Back to Brighton pier

My new tiger eye bracelet with gold buddha charm from Chandrah

The pocket square and flower pin keep it dapper

Suited and booted and ready for spring in my green suit

The roll neck make a warmer addition but still looks smary

More views of beautiful Brighton

Suit up in a skinny fit suit from Topman

The multi pocket batchel in burgundy leather

Check out the other cities on the Topman Website

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What I Wore Today #44 – The Profuomo Vegetable Print Shirt

Craig of That Dapper Chap shows us what he wore today which includes a statement vegetable print shirt by Profuomo

Today’s look is all about the shirt

If you’re looking for a statement shirt, maybe for date night of that Valentines day meal take a look at Profuomo. They currently have a great range in stock including some very unusual prints including birds, botanics and bugs to name just a couple of my favorites.

The flat lay ready to wear

I eventually settled on the Vegetable print shirt, a quirky print featuring every piece of veg you can imagine. Every time I look at it I spot something new. In fact people in the office today saw it as some kind of challenge to spot as many different items as possible! “an aubergine!” exclaimed Jan. “Found a pumpkin” Dan replied “at least I think it’s a pumpkin” Debate ensued.

A closer look at this fantastic shirt

Stone chinos make for a ‘spring’ look

The orange carrots on the shirt sang to me so I decided to pick orange as an accent colour and pulled out my blue and orange striped knitted tie. I added an orange lapel pin to my blue corduroy blazer and chose blue and orange striped socks to continue the theme.

A close up of the pattern on the Profuomo shirt

I accessorised with my latest watch, very classic and simple in style so as not to distract from the shirt. It has a classic silver metal strap and blue hands which complimented the colour scheme. I’ll do a full product review of this watch soon, so watch this space.

Today’s watch, look out for a product review soon

My blue bobble hat also made an appearance, while the weather was mild for January I just wanted to wear it. I wear it a lot in the house with my PJ’s when it’s cold.  

The tan and navy belt continues that orange and blue theme and also compliments the two tone leather brogues. Always match your belt and shoes gents!

The trouser chain and bracelets pick out colours from the shirt and the navy leather back pack coordinates well and completes the look.

Rocking the bobble hat, well trying anyway

The orange pocket square continues the colour story

Just waiting for spring to do its thing

A look at the trouser chain and bracelets

The full look and the first outing for this cord blazer

Today’s bracelets pick out colours from the shirt

The blue and orange striped tie carry the colour story

Socks to match my tie, why not!

Back to the office after my lunch break

The Expedition back pack in navy leather

Try a statement shirt yourself and wear it with pride

Where It’s All From

Two Tone Leather Brogues – London Brogues £59.95

Blue & Orange Striped Socks – Topman

Slim Fit Stone Chinos – Primark

Vegetable Print Statement Shirt – Profuomo £85.00 

Blue & Orange Knitted Tie – Ebay £2.00

Blue Corduroy Blazer – Feraud £225 (similar HERE)

Beaded Trouser Chain – The Modern Gentleman £80.00

Orange Corduroy Lapel Pin – Home Made

Bracelets – Some Home Made, others from Our Saints & H&M

‘Expedition’ Navy Leather Backpack – The Cambridge Satchel Co £215 

Blue Bobble Hat – Next (sold out)

Silver Watch – Lord Timepieces £65.00

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What I Wore Today #42 – The TM Lewin Shirt

Craig of That Dapper Chap shows us one of his daily looks in this #WhatIWoreToday post wearing a new shirt by TM Lewin

The styled up flat lay as seen on my Instagram page

The TM Lewin slim fit Geo print shirt £39.95

TM Lewin first opened in the famous Jermyn Street in London in 1898 and pioneered the button front shirt, since then they have built a reputation for quality menswear using some of the same techniques used all those years ago. With over 100 stores now in the UK you’re never far away from being able to get yourself a great new shirt and any other piece of menswear that you may be in need of!

This wool blazer keep out the autumn chills

So, using the TM Lewin shirt as a basis for this look I went with a blue theme but wanted to bring in a bit more of a contrasting colour story with some deep red, complementing the navy and creating a bit more interest.

Since getting this blazer it’s become a real favorite. It’s a less formal style and has some quirky elements and design features that are missing from a lot of others out there. These little additions give the blazer a bit more personality and therefore you do too by default just by wearing it.

It’s all in the details with buttons and wristwear

Walking the walk in this blue outfit for a chilly autumn day

Under the blazer I added a thick cotton waistcoat to add an additional layer against the chill in the autumnal air. Again in navy it continues the colour story and smartens the look up.  The red and blue diagonal striped tie also makes the look more formal and brings the colours directly together.

A better look at this heavy cotton waistcoat

The detail on the wool mix scarf

Maintaining that blue and burgundy theme, the scarf is another good addition and helps to tie the other elements together. The burgundy in the leather contrasting satchel again continues the theme and shows a considered effort of consistency.

Take a look at the foot of this post for details of brands and links for your to buy anything you like. See you again soon!

Complete with my new embossed satchel

A closer look at the embossing on my new satchel

All the blues with just a touch of burgundy

#CuffPorn and a close up of todays watch

The burgundy adds some contrast to an otherwise all blue outfit

Keep warm and button up

The whole look complete with burgundy accents

The polka dot socks ass some additional interest 

I love the easy construction and shape of this wool blazer

The club style tie keeps the look office appropriate

Where It’s All From

‘Brooksbury Grain’ Burgundy Leather Shoes: Base London

Burgundy Polka Dot Socks: £5.00 pack of 6 Primark

‘Lawson’ Navy Cotton Chinos: Racing Green

London Slim Fit Blue Geo Print Shirt: TM Lewin

‘Gents’ Navy Cotton Waistcoat: White Stuff

‘Welford’ Navy Wool Blazer: White Stuff

‘Downing’ Navy & Burgundy Leather Satchel: The Cambridge Satchel Company

Burgundy & Navy Polka Dot Reversible Scarf: Next

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Burgundy Leather Watch Strap: Handmade by BWeiss Leather

Mallard Duck Club Tie: Butler & Webb at Primark

Red Jasper Bracelet: Parvenu London

Other Bracelets: Home Made

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