Straighter Whiter Teeth With Your Smile Direct

Craig updates us on his progress with teeth straightening and whitening from Your Smile Direct

A few months ago I shared with you the story of my chipped tooth which resulted in an extraction and an ugly gap in my lower teeth. Enter Your Smile Direct who provided me with sets of clear plastic aligners to straighten my smile. You can read the previous post HERE. 12 sets of aligners later and I’m ready for the final stage in the smile brightening process.

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A new smile with Your Smile Direct – Part 2

Craig offers an update on his teeth straightening experience with invisible aligners from Your Smile Direct.

As my quest for the perfect smile continues I wanted to offer you an update on how I’ve been getting on. If you read my first Your Smile Direct Post post, you’ll remember that I went to their clinic in Covent Garden, London and had a 3D scan of my nashers. Those images were sent away for analysis and a few weeks later I received my sets of invisible aligners. The video below, and on my You Tube channel covers the story so far and shows you the aligners and how easy they are to fit.

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A new smile with Your Smile Direct: Part 1

Craig visits the Your Smile Direct clinic for phase one of a new smile

When I was nine years old I was playing football at school. The ball was kicked from the other end of the pitch, it was mine! I watched the ball sale through the sky and ran backwards down the pitch to get control of it. I wasn’t able to run fast enough and the ball came down directly above me. I kicked upwards with force and my right knee hit me square in the mouth breaking off an incisor at the root.

A football accident left me with a gap in my lower teeth

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