The New Sony Soundbar

Craig shares details of the world’s first Dolby Atmos® Soundbar that produces Virtual three-dimensional Surround Sound

Blogger reviews the new premium HT-ZF9 soundbar with Dolby Atmos through Sony’s Virtual technology

the new premium HT-ZF9 soundbar with Dolby Atmos through Sony’s Virtual technology

When Sony said “Hey Craig, come and join us on Safari” I wasn’t quite sure of the concept, but once I understood that we were going to experience the sounds of the jungle on the new premium HT-ZF9 soundbar with Dolby Atmos through Sony’s Virtual technology, I totally got it! With a private screening of the latest Jumanji movie planned using the soundbar, I was super excited!
Influencer reviews the new premium HT-ZF9 soundbar with Dolby Atmos through Sony’s Virtual technology

Our jungle experience with 3D effect sound thanks to the new Sony soundbar

Who knew that a short train ride from London can transport you to the African planes, surrounded by endangers species from lions to Giraffe, tigers, buffalo and monkeys to name but a few.

The Port Lympne animal reserve and safari park was the setting for our ‘jungle’ experience with Sony, and I’ll cover our stay at Port Lympne in an upcoming post.

Checked in, showered and dinner consumed, we refilled our glasses and made our way across the hall to watch our movie using the Sony HT-ZF9 soundbar.

Blogger reviews the Sony HT-ZF9 soundbar with 3D sound technology

How the new Sony sound bar can look in your home. Small and discrete, but super punchy

The soundbar has Dolby Atmos through Sony’s Virtual technology which brings a new level of inspirational, cinematic audio to your home. With the new Vertical Surround Engine from Sony, you can enjoy virtual three-dimensional surround sound that takes your breath away – without the need for ceiling or up-firing speakers.

Blogger reviews the premium HT-ZF9 sony soundbar

The perfect Sony set up for incredible cinematic sound that fills the room

With Dolby Atmos and DTS:X™ support, the HT-ZF9 soundbar is capable of totally immersing the audience on your sofa in sound from all around.

The Vertical Surround Engine in the HT-ZF9 soundbar can really produce a sense of helicopters whizzing above. Combining that with S-Force Pro Front Surround technology which improves the front surround sound field, means you may find it hard to believe this sound comes out of a 3.1ch soundbar. Additionally, even without Dolby Atmos and DTS:X content you can enjoy virtual three-dimensional sound due to ”Vertical S.” button on remote, that can up-mix even 2ch stereo content up to 7.1.2ch and thereby create height.

For our experience we also had a pair of SA-Z9R rear speakers, which are exclusively designed to partner with the HT-ZF9, which enhanced the experience with a true surround sound speaker configuration, filling the room with three dimensional sound. Movies at home will never be the same!

Blogger reviews the premium HT-ZF9 soundbar with Dolby Atmos through Sony’s Virtual technology

Now, what to watch next!

The Sony Premium HT-ZF9 Soundbar is priced at £650 and is available from the Sony Centre, Currys PC World, John Lewis and Amazon

The Furbo Dog Camera

Craig reviews the Furbo dog camera. Watch, treat and talk to your dog anytime from anywhere.

Blogger reviews the Furbo dog treat and talk camera

Benny Bobbins and the Furbo dog camera have become good friends

I hate leaving Benny Bobbins home alone. Just the excitement that he shows when I get home shows me how lonely he’s been without me there. I also wonder what he gets up to when he’s home all day. That’s where the Furbo dog camera comes in.
Influencer tries out the talk and treat Furbo dog camera

The Furbo dog camera is a sleek white practical design

Unlike other pet cams, Furbo has been designed specifically for dogs with the creators working along side dog trainers and vets. Setting up is very simple and I managed it in just a couple of minutes. Just download the app, click the set up button and that’s pretty much it. In an instant the Furbo camera shows you exactly what it’s seeing directly on your phone.

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Reviewed: The Sony Speaker With Google Assist

Craig reviews the Sony LF-S50G hands free 360° speaker with built in Google Home Assist

With busy lives and a desire for everything to be instant, the world has embraced technology that allows us the ability to do what we need to do when we want to do it, to help keep us organised, provide information, recipes and music at a single command.
With Alexa having established her place in the market with the Amazon Echo, the Dot and the Sonos One there’s another contender for top spot, and that’s the Sony LF-S50G with Google Home Assist. Today I’m going to tell you exactly what I think of it.


The product that we’re looking at today is the Sony LF-S50G hands free speaker with Google Home Assist. At 162mm tall and 110mm wide is a good size and is larger than I expected. It’s also light at just 750g.

With the ability to connect the speaker via Bluetooth to a number of devices, including lights, heating and TV it’s a real helpful hand around the home. Simply download the Google Home app, set the speaker up with a few simple steps and you’re ready to roll.

The Google assistant is there when you need answers. Just say “Hey Google” before your question and she’ll respond. Ask her to play music and within seconds your room will be filled with the music of your choice via the 360° speaker. Just an FYI at this point but the British version does have an English accent.

The speaker is water resistant, allowing you freedom in the kitchen and bathroom, and has touch free control. A simple swipe of the hand will skip the next track or play and pause while a circular motion with a finger tip will alter the volume. Alternatively just ask for the sound to be turned down!

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