Styling the Swift & Co brown suede boots

Craig of That Dapper Chap reviews and styles the Lancaster suede boots from Swift & Co

Traditional British manufacture

I want to open this piece by telling you that I am genuinely inspired by this company. For years traditional British manufacturing has been in sad decline. With cheap manufacturing methods overseas, our heritage and industry has been irrevocably and irreversibly affected. This saddens me deeply, so I was delighted to hear from Swift & Co, and I am honoured to be asked to style a pair of their boots, and watch their very well-deserved rise as an award winning British manufacturer.

Incredible Comfort

Have you ever wished you could find a really stylish pair of shoes or boots that are more comfortable than a pair of trainers? If so, I think your hunt might now be over, as an independent test on these shoes from Swift & Co have shown them to absorb shock more efficiently than training shoes. 

Three generations of expertise

Today I want to tell you about the Lancaster suede boots. Firstly, I am in love with their traditional style, add that incredible level of comfort and you have a pair of boots that you’re going to want to wear time and time again.

Priced at £165.95 you’re getting a pair of boots that not only look great but are made here in the UK by a family run business using both traditional and revolutionary methods and that, for me, is priceless!

Available in rustic tan (as mine) or mocha (a darker richer brown) these boots are a 7 eyelet lace up brogue and come with that super comfortable, patent pending sole. You’ll note that online you only have the option of a dark brown mid sole and outer sole and that mine have a lighter mid sole. Well, soon that choice will be yours too as Swift & Co are about to start offing a customisation option on a range of their shoes and boots.

Styling the boots

These boots will go with a lot of different looks. Okay so they’re on the more casual end of ‘smart’ but I would happily wear these with, say, a brown tweed suit or a pair of heavy cotton trousers and a shirt, tie and blazer.

Today I chose to take a casual approach and style them with jeans. The jeans are ‘rip repair’ and are very on trend right now. 

To take the look up a notch I chose my Peter Werth Japanese floral shirt and a navy heavy cotton waistcoat from White Stuff. At a statement watch like the Comanche from Chronodos and some tiger eye beads and the look is complete.

Are you serious about style?

If you’re a guy who’s serious about style and wants to add some quality shoes or boots to your collection please check out Swift & Co as not only will you be investing in some great footwear but you’ll be helping to keep traditional British manufacture alive. And when you do, please post a picture to social media and tag myself and Swift & Co so we can find you.

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