The Navy Wool Suit by Farrell at Primark

Craig from That Dapper Chap shows us his Farrell navy wool suit, available from Primark

Farrell At Primark

The Farrell brand, founded by international pop star Robbie Williams was named after Robbies Grandfather and the brands values and style, are based on this. Robbie explains “Jack Farrell was my granddad, he fought in the Second World War and he worked down the pit all of his life, after being a soldier. He had a tough life, but he always dressed well and his attire was always spiffy. That’s what I remember about him the most”

He goes on to say “This season for Farrell I wanted to explore good old British history and heritage…. tweed / wool suiting and checked shirts, like my grandfather would have worn. Then pieces like the Harrington Jacket to the Mod-inspired parka’ are more iconic shapes that, for me, define looks from the 60’s”

This seasons collection is very British, and the suits on offer are of great quality but still very affordable. Wool and tweed are used in the new range of suiting, and other great quality fabrics are utilised, such as suede and leather. Primark have turned a corner here and they are really not holding back this season, making their mark with this quality collection.

The Farrell Range is only available in selected Primark stores so check which ones stock the range HERE. If you do manage to get hold of some pieces just make sure you post a picture on Instagram and Twitter and #Farrell

Styling My Suit

This suit has a great slim fit. It is well cut and well made. The trousers were a little long for me so I had them tailored. There’s nothing worse than bunching at the ankles. If you want to make yourself look shorter, that’s one sure way to do it! I’m not a tall bloke so I make sure my trousers finish nicely at the shoe (or just above as is the trend right now)

This is a heavier weight winter suit and with the wool content at 41% it’s guaranteed to keep you warm. There is also a matching waistcoat available at just £18 for an additional layer.

Going for a ‘dapper’ look (and why wouldn’t I?) I kept the look clean with a slim fit white shirt which has a very subtle pattern. This adds some interest and depth.

The chambray diamond point bow tie adds that element of chic and the grey hopsack flower lapel adds some personality and an accent of fun. The black buttons on this shirt help keep this look very formal.

With polka dot socks and pocket square, some sun glasses to keep out the low autumn sun and some classic loafers I was suitably attired.

All photography by Ian Clark of PhotoByIan.

Where it’s all from

Black Leather Loafers: Next £48.00

Polka dot socks: Primark pack of 4 £5.00

Farrell Navy Wool Suit: Farrell At Primark £40/£20

Belt: Primark £3.00

Trouser Chain: Home Made

Bow Tie: Primark £3.00

Lapel Pin: Dapper Lapel

100% Cotton Premium Slim Fit Shirt: Primark £10.00

Sunglasses: Primark £2.00

Polka Dot Pocket Square: Primark £1.00 

Aquapro Watch: Harding Watches £360.00

Bracelets: Our Saints £25.00 each


The Farrell Tweed Suit Available from Primark

Craig from That Dapper Chap shows off his new tweed Farrell suit, available from Primark

Heritage style in a grey suit by Farrell

Farrell Menswear is a result of the collaboration between Primark and the international record-breaking musician, Robbie Williams. The line was originally created as a tribute to his grandfather, a notable dresser in his hometown in the north of England, Stoke on Trent.

The range now includes many very affordable items from sweaters to boots and shirts to suits. And with this wool suit coming in at £60.00 the quality and style you’re getting for that price is incredible. Where else can you find a well fitted, heritage style suit with a high wool content for that amount? 

A look at the black high top boots
A full look at this wool suit

Keeping with the heritage theme I chose some black high top boots and a vintage style paisley bow tie. The classic white shirt keeps the look clean and simple, and the burgundy accents in the lapel flower and pocket square lift the otherwise monochrome palette.

A closer look at today’s watch

The silver watch fits the colour scheme and the grey cable knit scarf came along to keep out the Autumn chill, however it was an unexpectedly warm day so I didn’t actually need it at all.

Good style can be achieved at an affordable price

This grey herringbone wool suit is a great buy. It’s warm and comfortable and fits really well. Yes, the high wool content could make it a bit itchy for those gents with more sensitive skin, but the jacket is fully lined and the trousers are half lined. So Farrell really have thought of everything: fit, style and practicality. 

A look at the paisley pocket square
Warm weather meant no need for the cable knit scarf
Attention to details: Farrell branded buttons

Look out for another post on Farrell Menswear soon when I’ll show you a classic navy suit also at a great price!

Where it’s all from

Black High Top Boots: Primark £20

Grey Feck Herringbone Wool trousers: Primark £20

Grey Fleck Herringbone Wool Jacket: Primark £40

White 100% cotton shirt: Primark Premium £10

Silver Aquapro Watch: Harding Watches £350

Paisley Pocket Square: Primark £2

Paisley Bow Tie: Bows ‘N’ Ties £29

Grey Cable Knit Scarf: Primark £5

All Photography By Ian Clark


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