The Shoe Whisperer Strikes Again

Craig from Eldred Grove shows us his leather brogues before and after The Shoe Whisperer has worked his incredible magic and created a different pair of shoes.

My brogues, before and after
A few weeks ago I visited Steve Skippen, otherwise known as ‘The Shoe Whisperer’ in the foyer of London’s Hilton Hotel. He told me all about his trade as a master shoeshine to the stars, and he even gave my black tassel loafers a good brush up and shine while I was there. See the full piece here.

Shoe re-colouring

For my visit, I also took a pair of old tan leather brogues as I was also aware that aside from shining shoes, Steve is also a recolouring expert, and can change a battered old shoe into a beautiful new pair, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Follow the incredible transformation of my shoes in the images below:

My old tan leather Red Tape brogues. ready for the bin?
The first splash of blue leather dye is applied

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