Meet Xupes, your Place for New and Vintage Rolex Watches

Craig of That Dapper Chap introduces us to Xupes, your place for vintage and new Rolex watches

Meet Xupes

If you’re looking around for a new or a vintage Rolex watch, stop your search right here as Xupes (pronounced Zoops) currently have over 100 in stock waiting for you.

And it’s not just Rolex, they also stock many other high end names including Cartier, Breitling, Tag Heuer and Dior to name but a few. And if you’re also looking for a piece of art for your new pad or THAT handbag for the lady in your life, Xupes can set you up with these too!


The Daytona 18k Yellow Gold Rolex. Available at Xupes £22,500

The guys at Xupes pride themselves on a few things. One of those is price and they do their best to offer the best possible prices to their customers after sourcing items from all over the world. Sometimes this can be up to 70% off the RRP, and that can’t be ignored.

The pieces that they sell may be vintage, pre-loved or brand new, whatever their provenance, rest assured that they will be top notch pieces: works of art, jewellery, antiques, hand bags and of course high-end watches, which we’re focussing on today.

The other things they pride themselves on are their professionalism, honesty and integrity. Three things I think you’ll agree are much valued by you and I as customers but which is often missing from other businesses.

Set up in 2009 Xupes operate from a beautiful barn building at Wickham Hall in Bishops Stortford. With a small team and two friendly dogs they welcome potential customers to their ‘Wonder Room’ where you will be free to peruse all that Xupes have to offer. And anything you do decide to take home with you will be covered by their guarantee.

The Xupes office in Bishops Stortford

As well as dealing in highly desirable products they also offer additional services such as repairs, refurbishment, servicing and cleaning of your much loved timepiece. This is all carried out by their in house watchmaker using the latest technologies. They don’t only do this for watches but can also offer repairs and such for that special ladies hand bag or items of her jewellery. It seems they really have thought of everything.

About Rolex

Originally known as Wilsdorf & Davis, Rolex began life in London 1905 before moving to Switzerland in 1908. They then become known as The Rolex Watch Company in 1919. It is now one of the world’s most well established and powerful brands. The original business saw the gentlemen import Hermann Aegler’s Swiss movements which they then put in to watch cases which had been made elsewhere. They then sold these to jewellers who put their own name on the watch before selling it as their own. Having said this, if you do happen upon a watch with W&D inside the caseback, hold on to it as it could well be one of these very watches.

The Rolex Submariner available at Xupes £4,995

Now a much loved status symbol Rolex watches have evolved but still retain that classic and sophisticated style. With the first automatic date changing watch created by Rolex in 1945 they have pioneered many of the functions that we now want as standard on our time pieces and have paved the way for other watchmakers.

The Daytona 18k Rolex available at Xupes £13,950

Rolex now produce over 2,000 watches a day and depending upon design and condition) will cost you anything between £200 and £50,000. So there is something to suit every pocket. Having said this, the GMT Ice Rolex fetched over £330,000. While a bit on the ‘bling’ side for me it does have a certain appeal.

The Submariner Stainless Steel Rolex £5,995

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