Product Review – Oybo Socks It To ’em

Craig of Eldred Grove reviews Oybo Untuned Socks. One Pair, Two Souls

Blogger reviews socks by OYBO

Socks by OYBO add a distinct quirky value to an outfit

Some of us like to be different and show some individuality and personality in our outfits. Black socks are for guys who work in banks and have to show a more sedate ankle. If however your ankles are a little more adventurous I’d like to introduce you o Oybo socks, an Italian company that specialise in offering socks a little different to what you may be used to. Each one are a pair, but each sock in the pair is a little different to its partner, adding instant interest to the hem of your trousers!
Blogger reviews socks by Oybo

Oybo socks add interest and personality to an outfit


Oybo Socks, packsa punch in the ever increasing bold world of socks. Oybo are different, both figuratively and literally, as the first thing you’ll notice is that their socks do not match! This is their USP and they sell their products as ‘untuned’ i.e. each pair of socks is a pair, but each individual sock has a slightly different design to its partner.

Blogger reviews distinctive socks by OYBO

The pink ‘Disbanded’ socks by OYBO

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