The Mr Porter Men’s Travel Grooming Box

Craig of That Dapper Chap tries out the Mr Porter mens grooming box and gives us five top tips for looking good on your travels

For summer 2016 Mr Porter are offering us a great travel grooming box to keep you fresh on that cultural foodie city break or those two weeks in the sun. Having just returned from Marrakech I want to share some tips for staying well groomed and presentable for those holiday pictures.

But first let me introduce you to the contents of the box. Costing £75.00 you’re getting a huge amount of products, all from leading brands such as LAB Series, Clinique, Bumble & Bumble and Tom Ford among others.

The unopened Mr porter gift box. What delights await?

When travelling, particularly on a city break, you want to pack light. With restrictions on what you can pack in your hand luggage, and the amount of liquid you’re able to take on flights, you need to consider the size of your bottles. Do you really need to take a full size shampoo, conditioner and shower gel? They’re gong to weigh a lot, and you’ll never use them all in the three nights you’ve got booked in Prague! When I’ve taken full size bottles on trips I’ve ended up leaving them in the hotel room just so I have space to cram in all the souvenirs that I’ve bought. 

The contents of the Mr Porter travel grooming box

Top Tip: buy minis. You’ll get everything that you need, just in smaller sizes. Just like the Malin & Goetz Grapefruit face cleanser which comes in the Mr Porter box. A little goes a long way, and the fresh citrus burst is going to freshen you up after your afternoon in the Moroccan souks. 

To save on bottle sizes Mr Porter have included a great thickening shampoo from Bumble & Bumble which not only smells great but is going to add body to your hair which can sometimes be affected by heat in hotter countries. 

There’s also the purifying qualities of lavender in the Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge body wash, again in a handy smaller size bottle.

The Malin & Goetz grapefruit face cleanser in a great small size tube

Just wash your face as usual for a citrus fresh feeling

Other great additions to the box and your overnight bag are the Spearmint toothpaste from DR Harris and the Tom Ford intensive purifying mud mask, which draws excess oil out of the skin leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. Again, both of these are smaller sizes to save space and weight.

Don’t be the guy who forgets to take his toothpaste!

The Tom Ford mini tube of the mud mask, ideal for tired and dull-looking skin

Freshening up and reducing excess oil with the Tom Ford Intensive purifying mud mask

5 Top Tips for keeping fresh and looking great on your break

  1. If travelling to a hot country avoid a wax hair product as it’ll flop in the heat. try a gel or a hair spray.
  2. Take a cologne soap. Three birds, one stone!. These give you the benefit of that fresh cologne smell while you wash away the excess of the day. Save on bottles, save on space, plus it doesn’t count as a liquid. Check out the Byredo, Mister Marvellous Cologne soap bar (also included in the Mr Porter grooming box.
  3. Take a good deodorant, particularly if you’re travelling to a warmer climate. Your current roll on may just not be up to the job, and you do not want to find that at 4 o clock in the afternoon as you’re entering that restaurant that you smell like a character from a Dickens novel.
  4. If on your break there are a few late nights at the beach bar, take a good eye remedy to stop you looking haggard and hung over the following morning. The Erno Laszlo antioxidant eye serum (again contained in this box) will do a great job with its vitamin C and Aloe Vera, which will help reduce dark circles and puffiness.
  5. Lastly, drink plenty of water, keeping hydrated will maintain your skin and give you a healthy look. 

Happy travelling!

The Mr Porter Summer Social

Craig of That Dapper Chap attends the Mr Porter Summer Social on the roof of London’s Ham Yard Hotel in Soho.

the bow tie boys, suited and booted for a summer party

It’d been raining all day. Persistently. What a great day for the Mr Porter rooftop summer party I thought! Running to the train in light coloured linen trousers I was desperate not to get them wet. Half way to London and the sun made an appearance and the rain stopped. I crossed my fingers in hope that the rain would hold off and I’m pleased to say that it did!

Cocktails help make the Mr Porter summer social a very summery event

Upon arrival at the Ham Yard Hotel we were escorted up to the rooftop where we were immediately offered a Sipsmiths Gin cocktail, which was most acceptable! As people mingled and caught up with each other on the final night of London Collection: Men, discussing their favourite pieces and the best catwalk shows, the weather held out and a real summer party atmosphere ensued.

Fashion bloggers, photographers and other stylish guests attended the party

Myself with Hugo (left) and Spencer (right) from TV’s Made In Chelsea

As live music filled the air and guests ate Gelato from the Mr Porter Gelato stand, models played table tennis all wearing beautiful summer clothing by Frescobol. The waiters drifted by with trays full of delicious canapes, which I have to say I made the most of after missing lunch! Mr Porter always gives us great food!

Lanterns hanging from the ceiling 

Live music provided by a saxophonist in orange socks. Well, why not!

Guests at the Mr Porter summer social, being very social

We were also offered fine jewellery by Miansai in the form of cord and leather wristbands for men, fastened with hooks or anchors. A perfect summer accessory. If the Sipsmiths Gin wasn’t your thing Don Papa Rum also had a bar, where they were mixing up fine cocktails, adding to that cool summer vibe.

The Don Papa Rum bar where mixologists threw together tasty treats

Enjoying a glass of wine in between cocktails. Well, it would be rude to refuse!

LA stylist (in brown) Warren Alfie Baker

An exclusive event, we also had a few celebs in the mix, with LA stylist to the stars Mr Warren Alfie Baker and Actor Craig McGinlay, who stars in the new King Arthur movie with Jude Law, due for release this year. Watch this space for my forthcoming interview with Mr McGinlay

TV personality Darren Kennedy was also in attendance, as were Spencer and Hugo from TV’s made in Chelsea, who all seemed to be having fun.

Myself  and Craig McGinlay who stars in the forthcoming King Arthur movie, due to hit screens later this year

Guest at the party having their Polaroid pictures taken

My Polaroid picture, a very nice keepsake from the event

Another very cool addition was Polaroid photography which was provided by The Impossible Project. Every guest had their picture taken and did the old ‘shake and watch’ as their vintage style image appeared before their eyes. It made a great souvenir of a great evening, and mine is now firmly pinned to the notice board above my desk as a reminder of a very pleasant party.

Myself and Mr Darren Kennedy discussing the shows at London Collections: Men

Guest mingle and chat at the Mr Porter summer social

Chatting to David from the Grey Fox Blog and another guest

Making my way home with goodie bags from Mr Porter and Frescobol Carioca
The contents of my goodie bag, all available from Mr

The Mr Porter London Nocturne

Craig of That Dapper Chap attends the London Nocturne cycle races as a guest of Mr Porter

Slap bang in the heart of London’s financial district, and with the magnificent iconic landmark of St Pauls Cathedral looming majestically on the landscape, Mr Porter hosted the annual Nocturne cycles races.

Since humble beginning in 2007, the London Nocturne has grown and evolved significantly and now boasts an extravaganza of cycling, establishing itself a reputation for first class city bike racing.

Not all about cycling, Mr Porter showed some of their new collections
Cyclists giving it their all on the new 1.5km course

Launching in February 2011 Mr Porter has quickly and efficiently established itself as a multi award winning global brand, specialising in the best menswear brands such as Paul Smith, Givenchy and Gucci to name just a few.  They are also very proud to have a dedicated sportswear category covering nine disciplines, including cycling. Hence being sponsor of the London Nocturne.

As the party atmosphere built, cyclists whizzed along the course at lightening speeds to the cheers of onlookers, all wielding Mr Porter cowbells, showing their support for the lycra clad competitors. 

Mr Chris Lawless reigned triumphant with his second win in a row for JLT Condor. Lawless raced liked a thing possessed and set the record for the fastest lap of the day on the new 1.5km course.

Mr Chris Lawless, winner twice in a row
The Mr Porter cow bells and newspaper

Entering the VIP area which gave us incredible views of the start/Finish line, we were immediately distracted by the Sipsmiths Gin cocktails on offer, and of course had to partake in their summery delights, enjoying a class (or two) of their London Cup.

The food was also great. Supplied by Spook Catering we started with scotch eggs, spinach and Feta cheese pastries and sumptuously indulgent salted caramel chocolate squares. How could one resist! Later during the day they gave us deli burgers and a stunning salad including French beans, peas, macadamia nuts and other delicious additions.

The Sipsmiths London Cup cocktails

Enjoying just one more cocktail

The Spooks table, laden with culinary delights

A cyclist lycra clad and determined to win
I succumbed to the temptations of the scotch egg on more than one occasion

Delicious spinach and feta cheese pastries

The salted caramel chocolate squares, deliciously indulgent

Of the nine events throughout the day I have to say that one of my favourites was the Concours d’Elegance, which saw beautifully stylish ladies and gentlemen, gracefully making their way around the course in as a polite a manner as possible. This was not a contest of speed but one of polite riding to raise much needed awareness of cyclists on the streets of London.

Contestants were subjected to various obstacles throughout the course such as vans, lollipop men, stop signs and the odd iPhone zombie. All obstacles that London cyclists encounter on a daily basis during their treacherous commute to work. With 432 cyclists injured or killed on London streets in 2014 this was a fun race with a very serious message.

Dapper Chaps in their finery for the Concours d’Elegance

A lady and gent dressed to impress and cycling most politely 

The winning cyclists celebrate

The Mr Porter active wear collection

The event that I anticipated the most was the Penny Farthing race. These vintage contraptions, once favoured by the gentile have been reborn as ultra slim and light racing bikes. I have to admit I wanted to see vintage cycles topped with ladies and gentlemen in full Sunday best, tweed suits, top hats and deerstalkers, but it was not to be. This was a serious race and the bikes got up to some seriously high speeds! Would I like to try one? I’ll pass thank you!

Ice Cream anyone? The Mr Porter Gelato stand

Bystanders lining London’s streets for a glimpse of the races

Yours truly getting video content for what you’ve watched above

The stunning St Paul Cathedral watching over proceedings
The Penny Farthing race, made slightly odd due to the attire of the competitors

We had a truly great day and immersed ourselves in the proceedings, cheering on the racers, enjoying great food, great drinks and great conversation with other attendees. If you get a chance please come along next year, it’s a great event and one not to be missed. 

And while you’re driving to work tomorrow, please keep an eye out for that cyclist, you never know next year they may just be a competitor in the London Nocturne Concours d’Elegance!