Mr Porter and Kent & Curwen

Mr Porter announce their exclusive global launch partnership with Kent & Curwen and share a film with David Beckham

Discussing designs, Mr Beckham (right) wearing Kent & Curwen red check shearling collar jacket

This week sees the award winning Mr Porter announce itself as the exclusive launch partner for the revamped Savile Row brand Kent & Curwen.

Under the creative direction of Daniel Kearns they’ve released a very slick video featuring none other than Mr David Beckham to showcase some of its range of coats, jackets, sweaters, jeans and shirts which form just part of their collection.

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Nike Running gear from Mr Porter

Craig of That Dapper Chap tries out running gear by Nike from Mr Porter

Avid followers of my Instagram account will know that I’m a keen runner. Racking up around 100km each month I run to keep my heart healthy and to keep the fat at bay. I love a pizza as much as the next guy, I just don’t want to look like I do! You do the crime, you do the time! That means hitting the pavement hard and shifting the calories from last night’s takeaway.

If you’re a stylish guy during the day there’s no reason not to look stylish while you work out too. That’s where Mr Porter comes in! So throw away those paint splattered cut off joggers and get in the game.

The guys at Mr Porter have a huge designer sportswear for the modern man. Covering nine disciplines, they offer clothing for cycling, sailing and tennis to name just a few. You name it, they stock it.

As a runner I was keen to look at their range of running gear and chose to stay loyal to Nike, grabbing a Pro Combat Hypercool Dri-FIT Max Compression Top, a pair of Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Flash Mesh Sneakers and a pair of Distance Dri-Fit Shorts. Unfortunately the trainers and the shorts have now sold out. You snooze, you lose right! But Mr Porter have many many other options for you.

I think this may be a good time to tell you that when I run I’m the guy who just throws on an old T-shirt and does his thing. I’ve never worn a compression top and was a little concerned about showing off my middle aged lumps and bumps to everyone that I ran passed. 

While it was very tight, once it was on I didn’t think about it. Yes, it fits like a second skin and while I’m not overly self-conscious about my physique, I know that a lot of other guys might be. So if you’re not entirely comfortable with the idea of a compression top, try something a little looser, just make sure it’s comfortable and breathable like the Tailwind Dri-Fit running T-shirt or the Contour Dri-Fit T-shirt, both by Nike Running.

The shorts are great, and I can see me grabbing these in favour of my other shorts time and time again. Now guys, there’s something I need to address here, and it’s an issue that some of us may have with the ‘linings’ inside our shorts. Some shorts have a mesh inner that can rub in sensitive areas (trust me I know) but these shorts have a very soft jersey inner which is super comfortable and I’ve not experienced any…errr….chaffing or rubbing since wearing them, so buy with confidence!

Not only are the shorts incredibly comfortable but they are super functional. They have pockets at the sides which a lot of shorts don’t have, and in addition to those they also have a back pocket with a secure zip for your key or phone. With reflective trims, you’re going to be seen on those dark wet nights.

I’ve been through a few pairs of running shoes since I started running 15 years ago. You should change your running shoes every 800km (500 miles) This avoids injury from the loss of shock absorption from degradation of the sole. So don’t make the mistake of wearing yours until they fall to bits, you could end up with an injury that sees you having to lay off the running for weeks or even months.

These Nike Air Zoom Pegasus trainers fit great and perform really well. It is noted on Mr that we should choose a half size smaller than those we would usually buy as they tend to come up large, so bear that in mind if you decide to get yourself a pair.

I suffer from Achilles tendinitis and use Orthotic insoles in my running shoes to correct this. I was concerned that these may not fit correctly in my new shoes as I’d had a problem with a previous pair which saw me take them back to the store. I’m pleased to say that they fitted very well and were very comfortable to run in.

Overall I’m really pleased with my new running gear, and I’ll be about and about in it, pounding the pavement and burning those calories again very soon. Now where’s that pepperoni pizza?


The Mr Porter Men’s Travel Grooming Box

Craig of That Dapper Chap tries out the Mr Porter mens grooming box and gives us five top tips for looking good on your travels

For summer 2016 Mr Porter are offering us a great travel grooming box to keep you fresh on that cultural foodie city break or those two weeks in the sun. Having just returned from Marrakech I want to share some tips for staying well groomed and presentable for those holiday pictures.

But first let me introduce you to the contents of the box. Costing £75.00 you’re getting a huge amount of products, all from leading brands such as LAB Series, Clinique, Bumble & Bumble and Tom Ford among others.

The unopened Mr porter gift box. What delights await?

When travelling, particularly on a city break, you want to pack light. With restrictions on what you can pack in your hand luggage, and the amount of liquid you’re able to take on flights, you need to consider the size of your bottles. Do you really need to take a full size shampoo, conditioner and shower gel? They’re gong to weigh a lot, and you’ll never use them all in the three nights you’ve got booked in Prague! When I’ve taken full size bottles on trips I’ve ended up leaving them in the hotel room just so I have space to cram in all the souvenirs that I’ve bought. 

The contents of the Mr Porter travel grooming box

Top Tip: buy minis. You’ll get everything that you need, just in smaller sizes. Just like the Malin & Goetz Grapefruit face cleanser which comes in the Mr Porter box. A little goes a long way, and the fresh citrus burst is going to freshen you up after your afternoon in the Moroccan souks. 

To save on bottle sizes Mr Porter have included a great thickening shampoo from Bumble & Bumble which not only smells great but is going to add body to your hair which can sometimes be affected by heat in hotter countries. 

There’s also the purifying qualities of lavender in the Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge body wash, again in a handy smaller size bottle.

The Malin & Goetz grapefruit face cleanser in a great small size tube

Just wash your face as usual for a citrus fresh feeling

Other great additions to the box and your overnight bag are the Spearmint toothpaste from DR Harris and the Tom Ford intensive purifying mud mask, which draws excess oil out of the skin leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. Again, both of these are smaller sizes to save space and weight.

Don’t be the guy who forgets to take his toothpaste!

The Tom Ford mini tube of the mud mask, ideal for tired and dull-looking skin

Freshening up and reducing excess oil with the Tom Ford Intensive purifying mud mask

5 Top Tips for keeping fresh and looking great on your break

  1. If travelling to a hot country avoid a wax hair product as it’ll flop in the heat. try a gel or a hair spray.
  2. Take a cologne soap. Three birds, one stone!. These give you the benefit of that fresh cologne smell while you wash away the excess of the day. Save on bottles, save on space, plus it doesn’t count as a liquid. Check out the Byredo, Mister Marvellous Cologne soap bar (also included in the Mr Porter grooming box.
  3. Take a good deodorant, particularly if you’re travelling to a warmer climate. Your current roll on may just not be up to the job, and you do not want to find that at 4 o clock in the afternoon as you’re entering that restaurant that you smell like a character from a Dickens novel.
  4. If on your break there are a few late nights at the beach bar, take a good eye remedy to stop you looking haggard and hung over the following morning. The Erno Laszlo antioxidant eye serum (again contained in this box) will do a great job with its vitamin C and Aloe Vera, which will help reduce dark circles and puffiness.
  5. Lastly, drink plenty of water, keeping hydrated will maintain your skin and give you a healthy look. 

Happy travelling!