New Name, Same Content

As William Shakespeare once wrote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” So the first thing I want to tell you is that while the name has changed from That Dapper Chap to Eldred Grove, I will continue to offer the same insights, share details of great products and experiences, and discuss topics of interest. The name is the only things which has changed. Now to tell you why!

The smartly dressed, handsome young man above is my Maternal Grandfather. He was a bit of a cheeky chap and always ready with a joke. He was a hard worker and my inspiration. His name was Eldred and he committed suicide when I was nine years old. I’ve thought about him every day since and still miss him.

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Become a stem cell donor for the Anthony Nolan Trust

Craig shares details on how you can help saves lives by registering as a stem cell donor for the Anthony Nolan Trust

In my last post about The Anthony Nolan Trust I shared details about little Anthony Nolan, and his Mothers incredible quest to help make sure that others didn’t suffer like her son from blood cancer. The trust has done some amazing work in highlighting this cancer and building a database of donors who can really help save lives. This is where you come in! Are you a lifesaver? You could be!

Signing up to become a donor is simple. Just answer a few simple questions and you’re done. If you’re a match they will contact you and discuss the next steps. The video below explains exactly what will happen and how.

You really can save a life. People and their families suffer every day and the more people who are on the register, the more chances that someones suffering can stop. If you’re still unsure whether you should register, why not read a few stories from real life donors.

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Yoga Clothing Brand OHMME and Male Suicide

Craig meets with yoga Clothing brand OHMME and discusses how yoga can help prevent male suicide

Image belongs to the BBC, click image for their news story

If I can ask you one thing it’s to read on. This is a very difficult subject and one that affects a huge proportion of our communities. It may even be affecting you right now.

When I was nine years old my Grandfather decided he had had enough of life and ended his own with a fist full of sleeping tablets. A few years later by best friend tied a rope to a rafter in his attic, put the other end around his neck and jumped out of the loft hatch.

Both of these deaths devastated people and both could have been prevented.

My Grand Father Peter who I miss to this day.

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