A day with Mazda

Craig takes a trip to the Cotswolds to test drive a selection of cars by Mazda, including the CX5, Mazda 6 and the MX5

After arriving in the Cotswolds on a cold, dark and wet evening, I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled by the prospect of driving a range of Mazda’s cars around the countryside. However as morning broke, it was clear that our day was going to be blessed with sunshine. What a perfect day for a test drive!

The Mazda MX5

I’m not going to bang on about how great the MX5 is as I’ve already cover it in a previous post. However as it was there it would be terribly rude not to take the opportunity to drop the roof and take it out for a spin. Unlike the Soul red version that I discussed previously this pale grey variation has a soft top, which unlike the RF hard top has to be dropped manually. Not a huge effort admittedly but more effort than simply pressing a button on the dashboard!

Also, this was the 1.5L rather than the 2L that I drove previously, and it was instantly different to drive as it had way less pull than it’s gutsier sister. It’s still a great drive however and there’s nothing better than flying around the countryside, roof down in the autumn sun.

The Mazda MX5 can be yours for around £18,795

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The New Mazda MX5 RF

Craig takes the new Mazda MX5 RF for a spin and shares his thoughts on this nifty little roadster

With the soul red paint on the new Mazda MX5 RF hard top Roadster taking seven years to perfect, this is not a car that’s been rushed into manufacture. The speed associated with this nifty low slung sports car comes from the 2 litre engine and the 12 seconds that it takes for the retractable hard top roof to turn this from an all year round car to a summer must have.

The Design

With just 2 seats this is a compact car, not one for a 6″ 3″ body builder, but perfect for an average suited gent like myself.

When inside the car I felt ‘hugged’. Everything you need is in a fingers reach, and intentionally so as the MX5 creators wanted this car to work more for the driver and allow you to become one with the car when driving it. It’s uncomplicated but incredibly stylish, with the exterior conjuring images of classic sixties movies featuring messers Newman and Bond.

The lines are sleek and sophisticated and are highlighted by the sheen of the flawless finish. It’s more classy, slim and curvaceous than bawdy and voluptuous. More Sophia Loren than Diana Dors, and it affords the same level of high-class sex appeal.

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