Next Menswear in Marrakech

Craig of That Dapper Chap wears Next menswear in Marrakesh and gives us his top five things to do when you visit

In the last post featuring my trip to Marrakech I wore clothing by Burton Menswear, this time around the look is by Next and offers a more traditional British approach. Think ‘An Englishman abroad’ 

The flat lay of my Moroccan outfit, all from Next

This look is all about the 100% cotton light stone suit. Slim fit and breathable it works well in the Moroccan heat. What’s more you don’t need to just stop at the jacket and trousers as the suit is a mix and match suit and also comes with matching waistcoat and shorts!

The Jemaa El Fna Square as seen from a restaurant balcony

The tan leather weave loafers sitting on a Moroccan rug

For me footwear had to be the tan leather weave tassel loafers. At just £45.00 they are lightweight, comfortable, and look great with the suit. I did wear invisible socks with mine and while the shoes are cut quite low, the socks were not visible as they sometimes can be.

The sky blue linen shirt by Next

A closer look at the detailing of the linen shirt

The shirt again suits the Moroccan climate as it’s 100% linen and the colour of summer skies. At £32.00 it’s also available in a very nice grey. Okay so it might need a brief conversation with an iron when you unpack it, but that’s the nature of linen and the benefits far outweigh the  hassle of pressing it, particularly if the manager of your Riad gets it done for you!

Stunning traditional Moroccan architecture can be found in the Riads

Beautiful souvenirs are on offer in the souks

Enjoying coffee and breakfast at our Riad

A panama hat is a good buy when visiting a hot country

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun, so they tell me, and when they do so they should most certainly wear a hat! This panama hat completes that vintage refinement that gentlemen of eras gone by would wear when exploring far off lands.

An Englishman abroad

Local people buying mint for their traditional mint tea

Time to put your feet up and relax


1) Have a Hammam

Your skin will never be the same again! if you plan to sunbathe do this on your first day. Not only will it refresh you from your journey but it will remove ALL of your dead skin giving you a better tan. Sitting in a steam room you will be soaked, soaped, scrubbed and then covered in clay. It’s an experience not to be missed.

Choose a cotton suit to keep you cool in the Moroccan sun

2) visit the Koutoubia Mosque

It’s one of the most iconic buildings in Marrakech and is visible as a landmark from afar thanks to local laws that state that no buildings surrounding it will be taller than a palm tree.

Traditional horse drawn caleche on the way to the square

3) Enjoy cocktails at the Salama Sky Bar

With great views over Marrakech, the ambience and service are impeccable, and happy hour lasts all night. Relax to traditional music by candle light, watch the sun set and enjoy a belly dance. You might even get to join is!

The Salama Skybar at night

A closer look at the suit jacket

4) Visit the Jemaa El Fna Square during the day and at night

The square is one place you MUST visit, it’s iconic and not to be missed. During the day you can buy from the market vendors or sit on a balcony at one of the many bars and restaurants that surround it, but at night the place comes alive with snake charmers, belly dancers and a carnival atmosphere.

Marrakech is a highly recommended city break

A look at the back of the suit

5) Visit the Souks

Take a deep breath and plunge into the maze that is the Marrakech souks. Haggle your heart out and grab a bargain. It’s an experience not to be missed. Play the game and don’t forget to do a sharp intake of breath when the vendor tells you their first price for that beautiful rug that you just must have! 

If you’re worried you won’t get it on the plane, don’t fret, they can FedEx it to you!

A view of the Koutoubia Mosque 
Keeping cool in the Moroccan heat

On the balcony of our traditional Riad

A city break in Marrakech

Craig of That Dapper Chap takes us on a city break to Marrakech wearing Burton Menswear

Bored of the standard two weeks in the sun, we decided last year to take more city breaks, indulge ourselves in cultural differences, and sample traditional living in some very different places. With Budapest and Prague under our belts we went further afield and landed in Marrakesh in 100 degree heat.

Marrakech sits in North Africa under Spain and to the left of Algeria in Morocco. An Islamic state, we did receive cautions from friends and family about travelling to such a place considering the troubles various parts of the world have experienced over the last few years. Having done our research it became clear that Marrakech was no more of a risk than any place in Europe.  With tourism as a main trade, Police and the military mark the streets to protect tourists and maintain a healthy calm.

With three days and four nights we not only had to decide what to see while we were there but also what to wear! The heat of course had a say in my attire, so shorts seemed like a very good idea. These linen mix shorts in light blue are smart enough to maintain a sophisticated look but cool enough to ensure I didn’t overheat. At £25.00 they make a good addition to your summer wardrobe.

What better than a clean white, well fitted shirt to reflect the sun. This shirt is the skinny fit shirt with stretch and is £22.00. Because of the stretch it travels very well and looked very crisp.

Footwear came in the form of blue leather loafers. At £48.00 you’re getting a lot of style and comfort in real leather. I did wear ‘invisible’ socks to make sure that I could get them on and off easily and to help with the obvious issues that extreme heat can afford!

Moving on to the jacket, I wore the blue jersey blazer. Priced at £60.00 it again travels very well due to the nature of the material. It is lined but is still light weight enough to be suitable for early morning and evening warmth. 

To protect my eyes from the solar glare I needed sunglasses, but I wanted something a little different to the usual tortoise shell and would contrast nicely with the blue. The green keyhole sunglasses were my eyewear of choice.

My top Ten tips for Marrakech

If you decide to travel to Marrakech there are a number of things that you should know.

1) Stay in a traditional Riad rather than a hotel for  a ‘real feel’ of Marrakech. Often family run it’s more of a friendly guest house and Ibrahim our Manager could not have been more attentive.

2) Eat only in established restaurants or in your Riad. Street food has been known to cause significant stomach issues!

3) Ladies need to respect the culture and cover their flesh suitably, particularly when entering any place of religion, long sleeves and trousers are recommended. Avoid swimwear in the streets! But be prepared for admiring glances from the local men and even the odd comment, even when suitably dressed.

4) Be prepared to haggle or you’ll be ripped off. Be firm but be polite. A bit of banter helps. Market traders will  play a hard game and use all the tricks in the book to make you part with your cash at a much higher price than it item is worth.

5) You will be approached by men who want to ‘help’ you and ‘guide’ you. Be polite and walk away. All they want to do is take you to their brothers shop.

6) Don’t drink the water or have ice in your drinks. Its not contaminated but it isn’t suitable for the stomachs of people from other parts of the world.

7) When you buy bottled water, get it from an established shop and check the seal before drinking it. Vendors pay children to collect empty bottles and then refill them with tap water. Be aware.

8) The currency is Dirham but virtually all places will take Pounds, Dollars and Euros without a problem. The money cannot leave the country so you have to take your usual currency and change it there. There are many banks that change money easily and quickly and even cash machines change money. Make sure you tell your bank that you’re going as they may need to activate your card for use in Marrakech.

9) Everyone will expect a tip even if they do something for you that you didn’t ask for. Again, be polite but be firm. They will be offended if you offer them pound coins as they are only able to change up notes. If you have some spare Euros take them with you to tip the taxi driver who takes you from the airport to your location and for the man who will inevitably grab your cases for you the second that you get out of the cab at your destination. 

10) Don’t take pictures of locals without asking. They find it very offensive. Ask them first and if they do let you take a picture, they will expect payment in return!

This is a sponsored post of honest and unbiased opinion

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