The Launch Collection From Lane Forty Five

Craig of That Dapper Chap attends the launch collection event from new brand LaneFortyFive.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a beautiful suit while scrolling through Instagram. It was a navy tweed waistcoat and trousers made by a new brand called LaneFortyFive. After liking and commenting on the picture I received a lovely email from founder Tan.  A few emails later and here I am at the event for the launch of their first collection.

The range of LaneFortyFive jackets

Myself with Tan, the man behind LaneFortyFive

A picture of a picture of a picture at the LaneFortyFive event in London’s Shoreditch

Held in London’s hip and cool Shoreditch, I grabbed a beer and caught up with Tan who took time out to take me around the collection and answered a few questions:

Myself admiring a pair of pale blue linen trousers, perfect for this season 

Who are LaneFortyfive?

We’re a London based designer brand making unisex, handmade clothing and accessories. We give utmost importance to utility, and hold the artistic style, and sartorial philosophy supreme. We really value the personal touch and emotional investment made to what ever we make, which is only possible with something that is made to order, as per individual specification, and with hands.

Wide leg trousers are a focal point of the collection

Guests at the event discussing the collection over a cool drink

The ‘Porter’ jacket hangs proudly, waiting to be admired

Where did you train and how?

I’m self-trained. The advent of technology has made sure that if one is interested in learning something, it’s all just a click away. OK, may be a few clicks away, but it’s out there. I read a lot of wonderful books, quarrelled with sewing machines, watched hundreds of videos, and that’s how I picked up what I know today.

The ‘Sepoy’ trousers with the ‘cobbler’ waistcoat in brown boucle tweed

The ‘Bondurant’ shirt hangs with others from the collection

Tan shows me the details on one of his jackets

What inspired you to create the styles that you have?

It was more of a personal need to find clothes to fit my own style. And I know there are people out there who, just like me, don’t want to compromise when it comes to style. And I’m talking about style here on a broader perspective than just the look of things. 

It is easy to find brands that do sartorial art only, or solely work-wear, or mainly specialise in denim craft. I wanted a consistency of ideas to combine these three or even more cohorts. The basic theme running in the background is the same. But I wanted to bring different fabrics to the same cutting table.

I found inspiration in fictional characters from books and films, different schools of thoughts, the honesty and bee-like dedication of manual labour lifestyle, nostalgia (lots of it), memories and stories gathered over the years, musicians and their music that I like and art in general are just some of the things I take inspiration from.

Images of the LaneFortyFive collection adorned the walls at the venue

Fabrics for days, all chosen my Tan and his team
Myself and instagrams @Jamesjonathant at the event

How do you choose your fabrics?

To start with, I pay attention to where the fabric comes from, and where would it go to. Source of the fabric, sustainability, and quality reign supreme when I buy it. And then deciding what to make out of it. I buy fabrics from not a single geography. I feel its important to explore the crafts and threads from around the world. Different places bring different craft of threads. I only buy leather from the UK though as it is easy for me to guarantee that it has been vegetable tanned and ethically sourced.

As for characteristics of fabrics, so far I have only gone for pure, whole fabrics such as cotton, linen, denim, canvas, twill, and tweed. I like some weight in my fabrics. I feel it provides for good fall and substance.

It’s not just clothing that LaneFortyFive offer, but a range of accessories too

Where are the items made?

All of our items are made here In the UK or in India.

What is your favourite piece?

This is a very tricky question. I have never been asked this before. Alright, since I definitely have to chose one, I’d go for the Porter jacket lined with wool.

The ‘Porter’ jacket. Tan’s favourite from the collection

Beautiful shirts from the launch collection from LaneFortyFive

The ‘Jekyll’ collarless pullover smock shirt 

All of LaneFortyFive clothing is made with both men and women in mind

Where can people get their hands on some LaneFortyFive clothing?

Only at our online boutique for now. We are in talks with certain stockists as well, so a retail presence isn’t very far off!

The ‘Mason’ waistcoat from LaneFortyFive

A guest admires the fabrics on display at the event

Racks of stunning clothing at the LaneFortyFive launch event

What’s next for LaneFortyFive?

I prefer to go ahead as a writer or a painter. I’d like to come out with a collection when i feel inspired about a subject rather than work under the seasonal cycle of fashion.

Most probably the next one would be a two-part collection based on the life of a couple who lives on their beautiful farm in a tiny village in Sweden. Designs would be inspired by their exemplary and organic day to day life, and their love for nature, colours, and photography.

Models attended the event dressed head to toe in LaneFortyFive

Guests at the LaneFortyFive launch event enjoying the new collection