Jeff Banks Savile Row offers That Dapper Chap readers a great discount

Craig of That Dapper Chap shares details of an exclusive 25% discount at Jeff Banks of Savile Row for readers

If you’ve been following my recent posts taking you through the measuring process, the first fitting and the unveiling of the finished suit, you’ll know what a great service Jeff Banks Savile Row offers and what an incredible suit they made for me.

Aside from bespoke suits, Jeff Banks offers a great ready to wear collection of suiting, shirts, shoes ties and accessories, and I’m really excited to be able to offer you an exclusive 25% discount off everything in store (excluding sale items). The offer is available until 21 March 2017 so get yourself over to the store and tell them I sent you and quote DAPPERCHAP25 to get your discount.

 Happy shopping!


The Jeff Banks Bespoke Suit

Craig of That Dapper Chap shares his bespoke suit by Jeff Banks of Savile Row in the final post in this three part series.

If you’re an avid follower of my blog or my social media accounts you’ll have followed the story of my bespoke suit by Jeff Banks Savile Row. In the first post we shared the fitting experience and took you through what to expect when you get a bespoke suit.

The second post covered the first fitting when I got to try on my suit for the first time, before any necessary tweaks were made. In this final post I share the final suit!

So, a couple of weeks after the first fitting I had a call to let me know that my suit was ready. Making my way to Savile Row I was full of anticipation. I knew the suit was stunning, but I also knew that it needed a couple of tweaks to make it perfect.

Arriving at the store I was met by Mr Banks himself who personally assisted me in trying on my suit. Not everyone of course has that experience, so I was truly honoured that he took time out of his busy schedule to see me, and of course the suit.

The team had previously told me that he loved the suit I’d chosen, and I could tell that he approved of my choice of fabric and style of the suit as he helped me on with my waistcoat and jacket.

The suit fits like a glove. Every measurement is perfect and I am super pleased with it. With Made to Measure starting from £600 and Bespoke starting from £800, the price is very good for a Savile row suit.

Yes, it takes 8-10 weeks to complete the process which is of course longer than it would be if you just ordered one online from a high street store. And yes, it does cost more, but what you’re getting is something much more personal. My suit is a one off; my choices, my measurement, my style, and you can’t get that on the high street!

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. The guys at Jeff Banks are incredibly helpful, friendly and above all knowledgeable. They know their stuff, and can guide you along the process with professional ease.

Choosing the style and the fabric was a highlight. Getting all those details just right and having free rein to choose exactly what I wanted, but the best part was trying the suit for the first time, knowing that it was going to fit ME perfectly and that I’d had a direct input to the finished article.

A huge thank you to Jeff and his team, and a very Merry Christmas.





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The Jeff Banks Savile Row Bespoke Suit – The First Fitting

Craig of That Dapper Chap returns to Savile Row for the first fitting of his bespoke suit from Jeff Banks

My very first look at my new bespoke suit from Jeff Banks Savile Row

Just a few short weeks since my last visit to Jeff Banks Savile Row and my bespoke suit is back from north Africa and ready for me to try. If you missed the first part of this series, take a look at the first post where I document the measuring experience and also share some handy hints and tips on what you can expect when you visit.

Arriving at the store I was greeted by Alan and Steve and a glass of Prosecco, all of whom made my second visit a truly enjoyable experience.

I was super excited to see my suit for the first time. While I chose the fabric, the lining and the buttons as well as every other aspect of the suit, I didn’t truly know what it would turn out like. I had a good picture of it in my head and I wasn’t disappointed.

Steve, one of the Jeff Banks tailors and I enjoy a bucks fizz

Alan takes me through the detailing on my suit jacket

After greeting the guys and catching up on what we’ve all been up to since our last meeting, it was time to unveil the suit. Straight away I knew that I’d made the right choices. Not that this was ever really in question as Steve and Alan did a fantastic job of guiding me through the process and assisting me with the options available.

I’m so pleased with my fabric choice. While it is a wool, it’s a finer and less heavy fabric than others available, and it’s going to have a level of versatility that can take me through the seasons. Being a three piece suit I have the ability to wear all three pieces during colder months and maybe just the trousers and waistcoat during warmer weather.

The Jeff Banks tailors make sure that the suit will fit me perfectly

The whole purpose of this first fitting is to ensure that all of the measurements taken during my first visit still apply and to make any necessary adjustments before the suits is finished. That’s why your suit arrives semi made. You’ll see from these images that the jacket has only one sleeve. If, for example the shoulders or sleeves needed to be adjusted it’s a much easier job to complete than it would be had the suit been completely finished.

Cheers, the prosecco pours while I have my first fitting of my new suit


It’s all in the details, and the flash of orange piping adds additional interest to my suit

It’s very normal to have some minor alterations during your first fitting. A bespoke suit needs to fit you perfectly, and with all the will in the world it’s unlikely to do that without a nip and a tuck here and there.

While my waistcoat fitted like a glove we did feel that the jacket sleeves could be a touch shorter. It’s important to show just the right amount of shirt cuff when wearing a suit, and a quarter inch shorter on my sleeves will ensure this is the case.

In addition to that, the Jeff Banks tailors will make a small alteration to the waist of my trousers. The waist was a little smaller than they liked, and as a result they sat slightly higher on the ankle. Again this is easy to resolve and usual during this part of the suit making process.

Breakfast for the That Dapper Chap team, a very nice gesture from the guys at Jeff Banks


A closer look at the fabric of my Jeff Banks bespoke suit


Alan marks the button placement on my jacket

A nice little present from the Jeff Banks team making my suit truly personal

 So, with the alterations noted efficiently on my records and the markings made on the jacket for perfect button placement, it was time for me to say goodbye to both the suit and the Jeff Banks team for another couple of weeks while those essential changes are made.

Be sure to check back for the final part of this series when I show you the full suit in all it’s glory.





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