MR by Jamie Stevens: Products to combat thinning hair

Craig of That Dapper Chap talks to hairdresser of the year: Jamie Stevens about male pattern baldness and uses Jamie’s new range of products designed to thicken, style and disguise thinning hair.

Time to come clean

Confession. I have thinning hair. There I said it. I’ve been trying to ignore it for the last few years and as it’s on the top of my head at the back I can’t see it, so I can live in ignorant bliss. Having said that, I’m not the tallest bloke in the world and taller guys have been known to point out my follicle challenge “you’re going a bit thin on top Craig” Yes! thanks for highlighting that! You’re a great friend!

exposing my secret to the world

Male Pattern Baldness

Fact: Male pattern baldness affects between 50 to 70% of all men over the age of 50. That’s a lot of men!

Basically it comes down to genetics, if men in your immediate family have thinning hair or baldness it’s most likely you will too. Male pattern baldness usually presents itself in a receding hairline at the temples making an M shape at the front and a bald spot at the crown. It can be slight or they can end up meeting giving you that ‘monk’ look.

If you’ve reached that ‘monk’ stage there’s not much out there for you other than a transplant and I’ve seen some very successful ones. A friend of mine had one a couple of months ago and already his new hair is growing and filling that space at the front of his head. He left the UK for his and it cost him around £3,000. In the UK it can cost over £7,000.

The Norwood Hair Loss Scale. Where are you on the scale?

MR. By Jamie Stevens

A study completed by Jamie’s team showed that men would rather have a small penis, have their partner cheat on them or have their entire internet history made public rather than lose their hair.

Jamie is truly passionate about combating male hair loss, so after nearly three years of development Jamie launched his range of premium products on October 19th 2015.

Available online and in 360 Boots stores across the UK, Jamie has created an entire range of cool looking products to help thicken the hair, style it and disguise those thinning patches that we have.

To start my treatment my hair was washed and conditioned using MR. Jamie Stevens thickening shampoo and conditioner. After I wash my hair I generally just grab a towel and rub my head like crazy until it’s mostly dry. Back in the barber’s chair Jamie told me “the classic mistake that all guys make is that they get out of the shower and rub their hair. Think how hard the surface of the towel is and think how fragile the hair here is. Don’t rub, pat, then use a hair dryer” That’s one easy change that we can all adopt immediately to reduce the rate of our hair loss.

After the hair cut which I have documented in a previous post HERE, Jamie applied the MR. Jamie Stevens Salt Spray. I LOVE this product! not only does it really thicken the hair, giving a soft matte look, but it smells great too. I now use it every day. Just pump spray it on and dry it in with a hairdryer. Simple.

Next comes the magical MR. Jamie Stevens Hair Fibres, these are microscopic plant extracts that are shredded and then coloured “it’s like a hair transplant in a bottle” says Jamie “it comes in a pot like salt and pepper and you just sprinkle it over the area” 

The difference between Jamie’s hair fibres and others out there is that they are dipped in Keratin, which is one of the most natural conditioners that the hair produces, so it’s more softening. “They are actually statically charged, so when you sprinkle them on they stay there” the fibres are patted into place before being fixed with MR. Jamie Stevens fixing spray (hair spray) 

Jamie applying the hair fibres to by balding barnett

The fibres and fixing spray

Jamie told me that the hair fibres can be used on guys who have lost up to 70% of their hair with great results and at just £20 a bottle it’s a great option for balding blokes.

An alternative disguise product is the MR. Jamie Stevens Disguise Spray. Available in brown, dark brown or black this is an instant fix and gives amazing results. If you have a bit more hair loss than me, you can use both the fibres and the disguise products together.

It’s easy to apply but if you’re doing this yourself, same with the fibres, you may need to get a strategically placed mirror so that you can see the back of your bonce while you apply it. After a couple of times applying it yourself you’ll soon get used to where it needs to go and how it feels when you get it right. I can now easily do this at home.

The disguise spray is water resistant. It isn’t waterproof, once you dry it in you can confidently get caught in the rain without it running down your face. Once it’s applied, dried and fixed with the fixing spray, Jamie confidently tells me that “it’s gym, sex, sweat and rain proof” 

Jamie is totally honest about all of his products and did say that if you run your hands through your hair you may get some colour on your fingers. In addition, you might find some colour on your pillow case in the morning, so this is something to be aware of, particularly if you spend an impromptu night in someone else’s bed!

Jamie has also been swimming with this product in his hair. It didn’t drop down his face but it did come off on the towel afterwards. So it’s probably a good idea to shower before you get in the pool.

Next comes the styling products. MR. Jamie Stevens offers a gel, a paste, a clay and a wax. Jamie recommended the paste for me due to my hair type and took just a small amount, the size of a fingernail, and rubbed it into his palms until it was almost transparent “start at back work forward in a sweeping shoe shine motion” he said “then go in in little circular motions to distribute it throughout the hair” 

The MR. Jamie Stevens hair paste

And we’re done. washed, cut, styled and thinning hair covered, using some great products. I can honestly say that I am super impressed with the products and the results that you can achieve. So, try them out for yourself and leave a comment here and let me know how you got on. Alternatively if you have any questions just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help.

Myself and Jamie at his salon in Kensington 

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Thank you so much for reading my article. Come back soon 🙂

That Dapper Chap Meets the Hairdresser of The Year

Craig of That Dapper Chap visits Jamie Stevens; Hairdresser of the Year and X-Factor hair stylist for a chat and a bit of a make over

That Dapper Chap meets Jamie Stevens

When I received an email from the people at Jamie Stevens of course I jumped at the chance to meet him, and as I was in desperate need of some follicle formulation, I also hoped that he’d give me a bit of a chop. 

I often don’t know what to do with my hair, what would really suit me and just how short looks good, getting advice from a man who is continually recognised by the industry with awards and nominations was probably not an opportunity to be missed!

Inside the London salon. Image courtesy of 1883 Magazine

Jamie’s rise to the top

Jamie had his first salon at the age of 18. ‘Silver spoon?’ I hear you ask. No. There is no silver spoon, no inheritance, no country pile or relations in oil.

You see, Jamie’s Mother owned a salon in Somerset and from the age of ten Jamie could be found there doing odd jobs and learning the trade. However this wasn’t his initial passion and he was carving a career as a professional footballer. One day it all came to an end when Jamie suffered an injury which saw the end to that particular path in his life.

Jamie’s awards proudly displayed in the London salon

After thirty years in hairdressing Jamie’s Mother was suffering with back problems and was considering closing the salon. That’s when Jamie stepped in. From here he immersed himself in hairdressing and made a decision that if this was what he was now going to do, he would be the best in the business. Why aim low right! 

Speaking to Jamie it is clear that he is one of those people that whatever he turned his hand to would turn to gold. He has a determination that knows no bounds and the willingness to work as hard as possible to make whatever he turns his hand to work. Second best is not where it’s at for Jamie.

Jamie on the UK X-Factor tending to Fleur East during the grand final

Since opening his Salon in Kensington the awards have been non stop. With a number of industry awards under his belt, resident hairdresser on several TV shows such as This Morning, How to Look Good Naked and a four year stint on the UK X-Factor, Jamie has certainly made his mark.

That Dapper Chap Meets Jamie Stevens

Arriving in Kensington a little early we made our way to a cool little cafe near Jamie’s salon for a quick coffee with my unkempt and curly hair hidden under a black pork pie hat. I was well over due for a haircut. 

Enjoying a coffee pre haircut

On entering the salon we were greeted warmly and a smiley Jamie bestowed handshakes and kisses before leading us downstairs where he was about to work his magic on my unruly barnet. 

in the chair and in need of a good haircut

Jamie started by assessing what I was wearing, what kind of person I was and what shape face I had. While I enjoyed a coffee, he asked me about my best ever haircut, but just as importantly, what my least favorite haircut was like. This really put me at ease as it was clear that Jamie wanted to give the the best cut for me, not the cut he wanted to give me, not the cut that I thought would work but the cut that would best suit my hair type, my face shape and my style. He looked at my hair and to check what type I had and began to discuss what options he thought would be good for me.

My consultation with Jamie discussing various options 

Once we’d agreed on a style I was ushered upstairs for a wash in one of their massaging chairs. James washed my hair twice before conditioning it using MR. Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, Jamie’s new range, which I’ll tell you all about in a future article.

Time for a wash and a massage from James

Jamie takes to the clippers creating a graduated look

Back downstairs with another coffee and Jamie asks “Are you okay with clippers?”, “sure” I say, and ask why. Jamie explains that that there is a stigma attached to clipper use, as people assume that the user cannot ‘scissor over comb’ correctly. He continues to explain that “clipper cuts don’t generally grow out as well as a scissor cut” which is something I never knew.

Clipper cuts, sometimes frowned upon in the industry

Jamie continued with the clippers and tapered my hair from long to short going from a grade 4 to 3.5, to 3 and so on until 0.5 at the very hairline. Instantly my face looked slimmer and I dropped a couple of years. 

It was then on to the trusty scissors and he trimmed my locks into shape adding depth and texture, embracing my natural curl, and creating my final look.

Jamie takes to his trusty scissors to create shape and texture
The master at work, taking off a few inches and a few years

After adding some of his MR. Salt Spray he took to the dryer adding instant thickness to my hair before adding a small amount of MR. Paste. Jamie finishes with a spray of MR. Fixing Spray and my look is complete.

Blow drying in the MR. Salt Spray

Using the MR. Paste to style the final look

Jamie finishes with the MR. Fixing Spray

The finished look. I may look miserable but I’m really happy with it

This cut, by Jamie would set you back £150. That’s what you can expect to pay for that level of skill and talent. Having said that there is a price to suit all budgets at Jamie Stevens salons, and prices start at just £20. Okay, you won’t get Jamie at that price but you will get a hairdresser who has been fully trained by the man himself. 

What’s next for jamie Stevens?

“What happens when you reach where you want to be?” I asked “Is anything ever going to be enough?” Luckily Jamie has a good Business Manager who has helped him look to the future and plan ahead.

Jamie’s ongoing success includes plans for expansion. He has a few ideas up his sleeve, some of which I’m not allowed to share, but are very exciting! I just hope that when he opens any new stores or additional ventures that I get an invite to the grand opening.

Myself and Jamie outside the London Salon in Kensington

A HUGE thank you to Jamie and his crew 

Next Time

Do you suffer with male pattern baldness? Jamie is a fountain of knowledge in this area and next time I’ll share some great tips and secrets with you on how to manage and disguise those thin patches and that receding hairline. I’ll show you my before and after pictures which you won’t believe! So, be sure to check back soon!

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