Styling the tan double breasted suit from Next

Blogger shares what he wore today in this menswear blog post from Eldred Grove
Wearing the tan double breasted suit from Next

It is said that a well tailored suit to a woman is what lingerie is to a man. That said why would you not have a few in your wardrobe to choose from? This tan double breasted suit from Next fits the bill, and makes a change to the standard black and navy.

Men's style blogger shares what he wore today in this menswear blog post from Eldred Grove
A well fitted suit says a lot about a man
Men's lifestyle Blogger shares what he wore today in this menswear blog post from Eldred Grove
I accented the suit with orange in the tie, socks and loafers
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Meet Monsieur London

Craig from Eldred Grove visits Monsieur London, one the most stylish of men’s boutique stores in the heart of London

I stepped off the tube train at London’s Piccadilly Circus and turned up the collar on my wool suit jacket and held it tight against my chin in an effort to keep out the harsh January chill that did its best to creep into every available space.
After a short walk along Regent Street, passing huge stores with famous names and glittering window displays, I turned towards Royal Opera Arcade and spotted Monsieur London; a quaint little store nestled among the grand architecture of its surroundings. Protected and hugged by these huge buildings like a little Brother being looked after by bigger siblings.
Yours truly with Monsieur Londons dapper mannequins

 Monsieur London is a welcome retreat from all of the huge brands that sit a stones throw away, with their mass produced stock, over smiley staff, huge displays and prices to match. Monsieur London is all about the individual; it is warm and welcoming and feels like stepping back in time to a more gentile era, when a gentleman could expect personal service and staff who know their items inside out. View Post

Heritage Headwear

Craig from Eldred Grove introduces us to CTH Ericson, a Swedish hat and cap store with an established heritage and a great range.

The History of CTH Ericson

Founded in 1885 by Carl Theodor Ericson who opened their very first store selling hats, CTH Ericson is now a well established hat and cap manufacturer selling its pieces across the globe to men, women and children.

Businessman and founder Carl Theodor Ericson

In the early 1900s the company expanded its business from a single store selling other peoples hats and began making his own. The business grew and in the 1950s the number of employees reached 230 people. At the time, CTH Ericson was the largest workplace for women in Borlänge. Even today, they hear many stories of Grandmothers and Aunts who have been involved and contributed to CTH’s history. View Post