Win a pair of Hugo Boss glasses from Glasses Direct

Craig shares details of how you can up your spectacle game and win some brand new Hugo Boss glasses from Glasses Direct in a simple to enter competition

If you’re a visually challenged gent like myself who wants to be stylish but who also wants to see well, then take a couple of minutes to enter this simple giveaway and you could have a brand new pair of Hugo Boss prescription glasses on your face, totally free of charge courtesy of the guys at Glasses Direct.

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Product Review: Glasses from

That Dapper Chap reviews glasses from and tells us how we can get our first pair free and a 50% discount

Wearing my new ‘Fresno’ glasses by


Today’s product review focusses on prescription eye glasses from While they offer a range eye gasses and prescription sunglasses I opted for a pair of glasses with a removable sunshield. I personally hate those glasses that change colour depending if you’re in the sun or the shade and think they’re a little out dated. If you like them, great. I don’t.

This particular pair are called ‘Fresno’ in the tortoiseshell option but they are also available in burgundy, blue and black with contrasting sun shield.

The Fresno Round eye glasses are made from high quality TR material and have removable polarized, magnetic clip-on sun glasses with a silver mirrored-coating. Of course the glasses can be used as you would any glasses and you simply pop on the sunglasses when you go outside or wake up with a Jaeger-Bomb hangover (yes, that was me)

The shape is very fashionable right now and the fact that you don’t need to keep switching glasses is a bonus, plus they’re very cool.

The ‘Fresno’ glasses without the sunglasses attached

Suitable for men or women the Fresno glasses are a full frame spectacle and measure 138mm across and are 45mm deep at the lenses.

They are not too big to be intrusive but big enough to satisfy the current trend for a larger frame. They can be bought in single vision, bifocal or varifocal/progressive and you can choose to have an anti-scratch coating too, as I did.

If you like the frames and the concept but don’t need a prescription you can also order the glasses with clear lenses.

The tortoiseshell option that I have


With a starting price for single vision lenses with no extras at just £30 ($46) these are cheap glasses and incredible value for money. Even at £65 ($100) for varifocal/progressive lenses they are still a bargain.

Packaging & Presentation

The glasses arrived safely and were well packed in a cardboard box. Inside was a clear case containing the glasses and a cleaning cloth. There’s no fancy packaging, no bells and whistles and no paperwork or product information. This is a budget product and this is reflected in the functional but adequate packaging.

The ‘Fresno’ glasses are lightweight with thin arms


The glasses fit me very well and they feel secure on my face. They don’t slide continually down my nose like other glasses do, and they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The arms are very thin indeed but the frames feel sturdy and they don’t creak and crack like another pair of my glasses does when I clean them. The prescription is good but does feel a tad different to the ones I have had made here in the UK. I can see clearly however but have to get used to where the best vision is on the lenses for whatever it is I’m doing. Ordering is easy so long as you have a copy of your latest prescription handy. Just be sure to check and double check that you’ve added the right numbers in to the correct sections before you press save!

The sunglasses are held on by small magnets and a clip on the nose bridge. Getting them on and off is very easy after a minutes practice and I can now get the on and off in a second


If, like me, you’re not a fan of ‘reactor light’ lenses and don’t want the bother of prescription sunglasses, these are a great option.

Magnets (near the hinges) hold the sunglasses securely in place

Pro’s and Cons

I really like the shape and they are very on trend. The lightweight and comfortable feel is also a plus as is the ease with which you can clip on the sunglasses.The only downside that I can think of would be the need to remember to take the sunglasses with you but if you make sure that you keep them clipped to the glasses whenever you take them off they will always be together, and you can simply pop them in the case and put them in your bag, ready for the sunshine.

The frames in black with yellow sunglasses


The team also liked the shape and thought that the clip on sunglasses were a quirky but practical and sensible addition. They liked the dual functionality and also thought the price was very good.

A closer look at me wearing my glasses


Overall these are great glasses at an incredible price. For those of us that wear glasses but want to have a few pairs to mix and match with different looks, these are a great addition to your collection With the price as low as it is, you can easily add to your collection without breaking the bank.

The blue option with tortoiseshell sunglasses

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