Design your own shoes with ÔSingulier(s)

Craig of That Dapper Chap introduces us to ÔSingulier(s), a place where you can design your own custom shoes

You’re a guy who appreciates great footwear right? or maybe a lady who appreciates a guy who wears great footwear. If that’s right, keep on reading. If you’re looking for something a little more individual than the shoes that fill the racks of our high street stores ÔSingulier(s)could be your next stop.

“For unique men”

My own design shoes from ÔSingulier(s). Comfortable and stylish

About ÔSingulier(s)

The ÔSingulier(s)team consists of Thomas, Anna and Nils who together wanted to create a place where guys like you and I can create a pair of shoes exactly how you want them. You choose the type of shoe, the fabrics, the colours, the stitching, the laces, you name it. If it can be changed, you can change it to create a pair of shoes very personal and unique to you.

Simple and easy to do, here are just a few designs I made earlier.

How it works

It might feel complicated, but it isn’t. The website guides you smoothly through the process, just be prepared to spend a little time at your PC as once you get started you will realise that the options available make it difficult for you to choose your favorite design from those you create! I could easily have bought four pairs!

If you’d like to get a pair of shoes for that special guy in your life but aren’t sure what designs they’d prefer, don’t fret! ÔSingulier(s) do a gift card from between £10 and £200. Perfect!

My ÔSingulier(s) shoes in brown and navy nubuck

To get started, just go to the ‘customise’ section of their website and choose your shoe. they have a derby, two oxfords and two loafers to choose from. Once you have selected your shoe, the real fun begins! Now you can get creative!

Choose from leather or nubuck and use the design area on the left to change all of the elements of the shoe.

Use the guide on the left to take you through the design process

During the process you can save your designs to refer back to later. You can take a ‘photograph’ of it to save to your PC and you can also share your designs on your facebook page or other social media to show your friends what you’re doing or ask their opinion.

Design your personalised and unique shoes in the comfort of your own home

Personalise Your Shoes

If changing every element of your shoes wasn’t enough ÔSingulier(s)offer you the opportunity to step the personalisation up a notch and add your own initials to your shoes. You can even have your own images engraved on the sole. Simply upload a picture and they’ll do the rest!

The engraving on the sole of the shoes

My ÔSingulier(s)shoes

I chose the Derby shoes and went for nubuck leather in navy and brown. To add some interest I chose red stitching and laces. To make them mine I added the initials TDC to the side and had the sole engraved with an image of an owl.

I have to tell you that they fit perfectly and are very comfortable. I wore them straight out of the box for the entire day without a single pinch or blister.

The red stitching and laces on my shoes add contrast and interest

Price And Delivery

For a pair of fully customised shoes you can expect to pay between £180 and £200 ($255 to $283). Delivery usually takes 5-6 weeks which may feel like a long time but don’t forget that each pair is made to order, they aren’t simply picked off a warehouse shelf!


One of my concerns was what would happen if I designed a pair of shoes unique to me and they didn’t fit. ÔSingulier(s)say that if they don’t fit you can simply return them and you get an identical pair to replace them.

They recommend that you waterproof your shoes when they arrive to protect them from spots and to prevent early wear.

Sometimes a leather sole can slip when it’s a bit wet out there. An anti slip sole helps with this.

For leathers they recommend regular cleaning with a damp sponge or cleansing milk. Feed with a moisturiser and apply polish to keep them waterproof.

For Nubuck you should clean with a brush or suede cleaning bar. Feed and recolour with a colour rejuvenator (colourless or the colour of your shoe)

Ready for the day in mu newly designed shoes

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Disclosure: That Dapper Chap received a free pair of shoes in exchange for this post. All opinions are honest and unbiased