Styling the Simon Carter Ladybird print shirt

Craig of That Dapper Chap shows us how he styled the Ladybird print shirt from Simon Carter in this ‘What I Wore Today’ post

I’ve been a fan of Simon Carter shirts for a while now. The range of pattern and colours never ceases to amaze me, and they certainly make a welcome change to others that you see everyday in offices and pubs across the land. If you’re looking for a statement shirt, take a look at the range from Simon Carter

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What I Wore Today #42 – The TM Lewin Shirt

Craig of That Dapper Chap shows us one of his daily looks in this #WhatIWoreToday post wearing a new shirt by TM Lewin

The styled up flat lay as seen on my Instagram page

The TM Lewin slim fit Geo print shirt £39.95

TM Lewin first opened in the famous Jermyn Street in London in 1898 and pioneered the button front shirt, since then they have built a reputation for quality menswear using some of the same techniques used all those years ago. With over 100 stores now in the UK you’re never far away from being able to get yourself a great new shirt and any other piece of menswear that you may be in need of!

This wool blazer keep out the autumn chills

So, using the TM Lewin shirt as a basis for this look I went with a blue theme but wanted to bring in a bit more of a contrasting colour story with some deep red, complementing the navy and creating a bit more interest.

Since getting this blazer it’s become a real favorite. It’s a less formal style and has some quirky elements and design features that are missing from a lot of others out there. These little additions give the blazer a bit more personality and therefore you do too by default just by wearing it.

It’s all in the details with buttons and wristwear

Walking the walk in this blue outfit for a chilly autumn day

Under the blazer I added a thick cotton waistcoat to add an additional layer against the chill in the autumnal air. Again in navy it continues the colour story and smartens the look up.  The red and blue diagonal striped tie also makes the look more formal and brings the colours directly together.

A better look at this heavy cotton waistcoat

The detail on the wool mix scarf

Maintaining that blue and burgundy theme, the scarf is another good addition and helps to tie the other elements together. The burgundy in the leather contrasting satchel again continues the theme and shows a considered effort of consistency.

Take a look at the foot of this post for details of brands and links for your to buy anything you like. See you again soon!

Complete with my new embossed satchel

A closer look at the embossing on my new satchel

All the blues with just a touch of burgundy

#CuffPorn and a close up of todays watch

The burgundy adds some contrast to an otherwise all blue outfit

Keep warm and button up

The whole look complete with burgundy accents

The polka dot socks ass some additional interest 

I love the easy construction and shape of this wool blazer

The club style tie keeps the look office appropriate

Where It’s All From

‘Brooksbury Grain’ Burgundy Leather Shoes: Base London

Burgundy Polka Dot Socks: £5.00 pack of 6 Primark

‘Lawson’ Navy Cotton Chinos: Racing Green

London Slim Fit Blue Geo Print Shirt: TM Lewin

‘Gents’ Navy Cotton Waistcoat: White Stuff

‘Welford’ Navy Wool Blazer: White Stuff

‘Downing’ Navy & Burgundy Leather Satchel: The Cambridge Satchel Company

Burgundy & Navy Polka Dot Reversible Scarf: Next

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Burgundy Leather Watch Strap: Handmade by BWeiss Leather

Mallard Duck Club Tie: Butler & Webb at Primark

Red Jasper Bracelet: Parvenu London

Other Bracelets: Home Made

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What I Wore Today – Boden & John Varvatos

Craig of That Dapper Chap shows us his look for this weekend and shows off his new John Varvatos weekend bag.

When I chose this red and blue striped sweater by Boden I couldn’t wait to wear it, but being in the midst of summer, the opportunity hadn’t yet arisen. Not that today was a particularly cool day, more that I couldn’t resist wearing it any more! With its thin knit in cotton and cashmere it’s a great fit and so soft and easy to wear.

With the sweater I wore a pair of stone coloured chino shorts and kept the red and blue theme going with the wristwear and laces in the tan lather brogues.

If you’re off for a weekend by the sea like myself you’ll need a great bag. This canvas weekend bag by John Varvatos fits the bill. The fact that it’s lightweight to begin with is a huge plus. I have leather weekend bags and they are heavy even before you’ve filled it with everything that you need for your time away!

It’s a very roomy bag and even after I’d packed everything I needed I still had some room left inside. I love a bag that comes with handles and a strap as it makes it much more versatile than a bag with just one or the other.  It’s faux leather handles are large enough to fit over your shoulder too, so you have three carrying options. The only downside for me is a distinct lack of pockets so if you needed to take passports and documents you’ll need to carry them inside the bag itself or somewhere else which could be a pain.

While you may know John varvatos from his time designing for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, you might also know that he has his own range of clothing along with a great range of fragrances which are available at Debenhams.

I didn’t take a huge amount of stuff for my trip, the idea is to chill out, drink wine and relax with friends rather than have to worry about looking stylish. We all need some total chill time right!

Where It’s All From

Weekend Bag: John Varvatos

Red & Blue Stripe Sweater: Boden

Tan Leather Brogues: Burton Menswear

No Show Socks: Primark

Stone Chino Shorts: Primark

Sunglasses: Primark

Straw Hat: Primark

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Bead Bracelets: Home Made

Anchor Phrep Bracelet: Paul Hewitt