Product Review – CNYTTAN Socks

Craig from Eldred Grove reviews the sumptuous socks available from Korean sock manufacturer Cnyttan

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Wear some of the brand new Rugby Stripe design
They go on to say “Although socks are typically considered a small part of fashion, we believe socks can have a major impact on a persons overall look. Our CNYTTAN socks are intended to serve as a key component of the wardrobes of creative dressers” Having worn their socks I do not disagree!CNYTTAN are a Korean accessory brand based in Seoul, offering a great range of high quality socks to both men and women. CNYTTAN says “We believe in our daydreams. Firmly believing in our visions of style and modern living, we prefer to make them [socks] a public statement instead of hiding behind impersonal anonymity”


CNYTTAN are best known for their socks, while they also sell beautiful tie belts, the focus of this product review is the socks.

Yours truly wearing the Siena Red stripe

Designed and made in Korea CNYTTAN focus on great classic designs in simple shapes and make them from very comfortable materials. They have a timeless style and fit in very well with the modern take on the heritage look.

“We’re confident that, for many people who have thought of socks as throw away items, trying our products will be a very eye-opening experience”

Their Mountain Collection is made from 88% cotton and 10% polyester and 2% spandex while their Merino Collection, as you may guess is made from 68% wool, 29% nylon and 3% spandex.​ View Post