Product Review – The Comanche Watch By Chronodos

Craig of That Dapper Chap reviews the ‘Comanche’ artisan watch from Chronodos


Today’s product review is all about this beauty, the ‘Conamche’ artisan wristwatch by Chronodos.

Chronodos specialise in more unusual looking watches. “we want to offer men around the world unique alternatives to most generic and boring watches that you’ll find elsewhere” say the guys at Chronodos and they seek inspiration for their designs from various sources including architecture, movies, people from history and nature.

Enjoying a coffee wearing mr Chronodos watch

The leather that they use on the watch cuffs generally from Italy and is specifically tailored to your wrist. When you purchase your watch you have to specify the exact measurement of your wrist, making it specific to you and you alone. It’s very easy to do and takes just a few seconds.

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