The Classic Slim Watch by Brathwait Watches

Craig of That Dapper Chap reviews the Classic Slim wrist watch from Brathwait Watches 


Today’s review is all about the classic slim watch by Brathwait Watches. As with any sponsored post that I write I will be entirely honest and offer an unbiased opinion.

The inspiration for the  brand came from a gentleman and poet from London called Richard Brathwait. In 1631 he published “The Complete Guide to the English Gentleman” and some say that his thoughts and observations changed the world.

The guys at Brathwait watches say “our wristwatches have been created as a symbol of the modern man who practices the heritage of the Gentleman.By pulling back the curtains on modern watchmaking we’re aiming to do away with industry short-cuts and cheap solutions; never compromising the product quality, always cutting the costs” Sounds good to me!

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