Patrick Grant X anCnoc Whisky

Craig of That Dapper Chap gets a taste of anCnoc Whisky and gets a sneak peak at the new design in collaboration with fashion designer and Savile Row tailor Patrick Grant.

Designer Patrick Grant – Photography by Tom Bunning



Launched today, anCnoc Highland Single Malt Whisky (pronounced a-nock) have collaborated with the award winning designer and personal icon of mine: Patrick Grant.  This limited edition expression; Blas (meaning ‘taste’) is presented to us in a wonderfully designed bottle by Edinburgh-born Grant.

The Design

Patrick spent over 12 months at the drawing board creating this bespoke design which is inspired by the flavours captured in this fine limited edition liquid and it incorporates elements submitted to Patrick by members of the public via social media. Patrick says

The limited edition bottle and gift box


“I spent a lot of time at Knockdhu, not only taking in the landscape and surrounding areas, but getting to know the people that work there and the methods that they use. Everything in the print is from the hill, the village of Knockdhu or within the distillery itself and tells the story of the making of Blas. I’ve tried to interpret anCnoc’s history and tradition in a modern way, and hope this is translated through the aesthetic of the bottle”

I’m am extra lucky as my presentation box not only contained the Whisky but also a pure silk, Italian made pocket square adorned with Patricks wonderful design. Not available to the public, I’m afraid you won’t be able to get hold of one yourself so I’m super chuffed to own one.


The Patrick Grant and anCoc silk pocket square
Patrick Grant sporting the silk pocket square
Photography by Tom Bunning

The Whisky


I’m no Whisky connoisseur, but after tasting ‘Blas’ I think I may be converted. I took mine over ice, now I know that this may not be de rigeur with the purists, and maybe I should have opted for whisky stones so as not to dilute the expertly crafted flavours, but again, not being a connoisseur I am devoid of whisky stones and other whisky related paraphernalia. But I think that’s soon to change! It’s so warm and comforting, and there really is something special about enjoying a glass of whisky by a crackling open fire on a cold winter’s eve.

Blas is incredibly sweet on the nose, it comes with a predominant scent of fruit followed by citrus, some bitter chocolate and vanilla. It is a rich golden colour in appearance and has a wonderful honey hue, warm and very inviting.


Maybe just one for the road


Matured in Spanish Oak butts and American Oak barrels, Mark Williamson; the blender picks it when it’s at its optimum level of maturity. It is not chill filtered or coloured and is bottled at 54% and is in its most natural state.

Fruity with hints of citrus and chocolate


The Patrick Grant Limited Edition ‘Blas’ retails at £50 a bottle and is available from independent and specialist retailers throughout the UK.

Patrick Grant enjoying a tipple
Photography by Tom Bunning
Get your limited edition ‘Blas’ at specialist retailers

 What I’m Wearing

Navy wool suit by Patrick Grant for Hammond & Co

Pink Check cotton shirt by Patrick Grant for Hammond & Co

Burgundy pre tied knitted tie by Patrick Grant for Hammond & Co

Silk pocket square by Patrick Grant for anCnoc

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