Skin Care From Alex Carro

Craig of That Dapper Chap reviews the multi use skin care system by Alex Carro

Based in Spain Alex Carro has been creating skincare for men and women for a number of years, with Alex himself spending more than ten years studying and experimenting with various natural ingredients to get the perfect product.


Today’s review focuses on the Alex Carro gift set which contains all five capsule products: balancing face oil, facial cleanser, exfoliating powder, face cream and multi-use balm.

With oils extracted from flowers, fruits, bark and leaves, the capsule collection is made without fillers and chemicals and comes to you with the Alex Carro signature scent of frankincense, eranium, patchouli, rose, and a French lavender.

What’s unique about these products is that they can be mixed in various forms to create a personalised skincare routine just for you. For example mix the multi use balm with a touch of exfoliating powder for a smoothing lip treatment.


Your skin is the biggest organ on your body, you need to look after it so it’s worth spending a little more. The Alex Carro gift set is priced at €262 (£219 $274) it sits in a higher price category than some of us are used to, but don’t forget that you’re getting the five core product plus the opportunity to create your own additional treatments from the range.


I’m in love with the packaging that this gift set comes in. I really like the clean and simple black and grey colour scheme, it’s super elegant and very classy. I also like the way that the items are displayed in the box with each one having its own specific place in the box, neatly displayed with each items housed in its own specific section.

I also received a great booklet with my gift set which details each product, its ingredients and how to use them, which I found very handy and informative.

There’s nothing intrusive about this packaging, just as with the products Alex Carro haven’t added anything that doesn’t need to be, or shouldn’t be there.




I started with the face cleanser, while it didn’t lather that’s not what it does, it acts as an oil and then emulsifies when you add warm water. I also added some of the exfoliating powder to make a scrub and cleansed my face in small circular motions, avoiding my eyes. Afterwards my skin felt soft and clean. The fragrance is soft and subtle.

I then used the face cream, again the scent is subtle and the cream is lightweight. At first I thought I’d used too much but it was quickly absorbed and left my skin smooth. There was no oiliness that I’ve experienced with other face creams.


I then tried the multi use balm and mixed in some of the exfoliating powder to make a lip treatment and it really works. My lips were smooth and moisturised and there was no odd taste from the balm which I thought there may be.

Lastly at night time I used the balancing face oil. I cleansed my face again with the facial cleanser, and used the oil by squeezing a few drops onto my hand, which I warmed in my palms before massaging into my face.

I used it at night time as I was a little worried that it may make my skin oily but again it was easily absorbed. The oil can be mixed with the exfoliating powder to make a hydrating exfoliator, with the face cream for a rich face cream or with the cleanser for a hydrating face mask.


If your’re a guy (or girl) who appreciates a well considered product that contains no additives or chemicals and are made from natural products this may be a good product for you. All of the products perform to a high standard and get the That Dapper Chap stamp of approval.

If you like a product with a strong fragrance this isn’t it. If you like big names, big bottle and bold design, this may not be for you either.

If you like a more sophisticated and unobtrusive collection of skincare that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs take a look at this collection as it has a lot to offer.


Anything that contains natural products is a plus for me. This really is a well thought out and considered collection. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort has gone into to perfecting the range and that cannot be ignored. The products all do what they say to a high degree.

As you can tell I really like this product, so I’m struggling for a less positive element. I promise my readers that I will always write with integrity and truth, and while this is a sponsored post I honestly can’t think of anything I’d improve.


Overall the team really liked the product. The vast majority thought the packaging was really nice but one person felt it was “a little boring”

After they looked at the individual items, opening bottles and smelling and touching the product I explained that the items can be used individually or mixed to make additional products. This was a major plus for them.

“Oh, wow, I love that!” said Katy “the fact that you can mix items for your own skins gets a big tick from me, I also like the fact they have natural ingredients”

Ben also liked the idea “I buy a face wash and a face scrub separately, so having ones that I can mix myself in the same box set is a really good idea”

Emma comments that “it’s good that a single item can be used in a variety of ways, that’s good value as you don’t need to by additional products”


 I’m sure you can guess by now that I’m a fan. I’m genuinely enjoying using the range and experimenting with mixing the various products.

The fact that the ingredients are totally natural is a major plus point and while on the surface the cost may seem a little high the value that you can achieve by utilising the various compositions makes is okay.

Overall I’d recommend the Alex Carro gift box.