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    [AD] The Latest Grooming Box From Mankind
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    [AD] The Valentines Day Gift Guide
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    [ad] Win a Valentines gift from Scaramanga
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Five Cool Coats by Next

Craig from Eldred Grove shows us his top five favourite coats for this winter by Next

Looking like I own it. Image by PhotoByIan
With the days getting colder and wetter its a good time to make that one seasonal purchase that we all do and invest in a new coat. Keeping it at the more dapper end of the range here are my top five coats from Next.

Number 5 – The Pea Coat

With its large collar that can be turned up against the elements, the pea coat has stood the test of time as a classic coat. Double breasted and unbelted is gives a clean silhouette.

With its design firmly rooted in naval history it has stood the test of time, so if it’s been a solid wearable coat since its origin in the 1700’s it’s good enough for me.

Mine is a green colour but other colours such as black, navy and grey are available too. Next also offers one with a cosy Borg collar.

I love mine but I would love it more if it were longer and I find the wrist straps somewhat fussy, hence it sits at number five.

The classic double breasted Pea Coat by Next
Image by PhotoByIan

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Shine On

What have the Dalai Lama, Mike Tyson, George Best and Brenda Blethyn have in common? They have all had their shoes shined by Steven Skippen ‘The Shoe Whisperer’

Yours truly with Steven and the famous wing back chair

As I stepped off the tube at Green Park in my skinny black suit and leather loafers, the warm Autumnal air wafted past and the sun shone through the trees creating a dappled effect on the grass. I took up temporary residence on an old Victorian bench and whiled away a few minutes as joggers ran past and people on their lunch breaks sat in deck chairs and enjoyed their sandwiches.

The entrance to the London Hilton

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Six Looks With A Three Piece Suit

Craig from Eldred Grove looks at ways to keep your three piece suit fresh by styling it differently to achieve different looks.

Suits available from
You needed a suit right?. You read my suit buying guide on Socially Shoppable and after trying a few on you bought the one that fits and looks the best. You now have a three piece suit! Congratulations!
Monday morning arrives and you proudly wear your new suit to the office and receive some admiring glances and even a couple of complimentary comments. The problem now is, that suit you just paid £200, £500 or £1,000 for will never get that same reception again.
So, how do you keep it fresh, how do you retain peoples interest and make it something else and stop yourself from becoming that dull guy in the office who always wear that same suit?
Suit, Shirt and boots from

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