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  • Joe Browns Celebrate 20 Years

    Joe Browns Celebrate 20 Years
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    Rockers Delight
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    I Love Gin
  • Gentleman’s Socks By Peper Harow London

    Gentleman’s Socks By Peper Harow London


Six Looks With A Three Piece Suit

That Dapper Chap looks at ways to keep your three piece suit fresh by styling it differently to achieve different looks.

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You needed a suit right?. You read my suit buying guide on Socially Shoppable and after trying a few on you bought the one that fits and looks the best. You now have a three piece suit! Congratulations!
Monday morning arrives and you proudly wear your new suit to the office and receive some admiring glances and even a couple of complimentary comments. The problem now is, that suit you just paid £200, £500 or £1,000 for will never get that same reception again.
So, how do you keep it fresh, how do you retain peoples interest and make it something else and stop yourself from becoming that dull guy in the office who always wear that same suit?
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Choose Chinos

That Dapper Chap Chats about Chinos and takes us through their history and our wearing and buying options.

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We all know about chinos right? The easy to wear, cotton trousers that have crept in to every mans wardrobe over the last year or so? We all know that they’ve quickly become the legwear of choice for the modern man but where did it all start and how should you wear them? Let me take you on a journey.

Casual or dapper chinos are a versatile essential. Photo by

Chinos: The History

With their origins deeply rooted in the military as a lot of menswear is, Chinos were a staple part of the army uniform during the second world war. With the need for a hard wearing item of clothing for the troops a twill cotton fabric was used. The name of this cloth? Well, chino of course.

Originally khaki or sand coloured to offer protection and camouflage while on the front line, chino trousers were manufactured in their thousands. After the war, huge surplus resulted in every father, brother and Son wearing chinos and we haven’t looked back since.

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Product Review – Southern Gents

That Dapper Chap reviews some of the gentlemen’s accessories available from Southern Gents and shows us some styles that can be created with them

Just some of the range of items available from Southern Gents


A few short weeks ago I started chatting to Tunde at Southern Gents, a charming fellow, passionate about mens accessories and with an aim to get us gentlemen dressing more sartorially.

From a small beginning in 2011, blogging online, they made the transition to an online store just a year later with the aim to be the number one manufacturer of mens accessories and signature items, with the craftsmanship of J.Crew and a budget which doesn’t break the bank.

Gingham pocket square and camo and floral pocket rounds $12-$20

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