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  • The Caterham 7 310R

    The Caterham 7 310R
  • The Hammond & Co Savile Row Suit Collection

    The Hammond & Co Savile Row Suit Collection
  • The Jasper Conran quilted Jackets

    The Jasper Conran quilted Jackets
  • Joe Browns Celebrate 20 Years

    Joe Browns Celebrate 20 Years


A weekend in Racing Green Menswear

That Dapper Chap takes us on a weekend away to the British coast and shows us his outfit created entirely from the latest range from British brand racing Green.

A very British weekend

So off I went to the coast to put my feet up and enjoy the British Autumn by the sea with my two best friends Victoria Sponge and Earl Grey. All week the forecast had promised a dry day, and it was for approximately 30 minutes! I literally just had time to photograph a few items from my outfit before we had to take cover in our beach hut.

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Heritage Headwear

That Dapper Chap introduces us to CTH Ericson, a Swedish hat and cap store with an established heritage and a great range.

The History of CTH Ericson

Founded in 1885 by Carl Theodor Ericson who opened their very first store selling hats, CTH Ericson is now a well established hat and cap manufacturer selling its pieces across the globe to men, women and children.

Businessman and founder Carl Theodor Ericson

In the early 1900s the company expanded its business from a single store selling other peoples hats and began making his own. The business grew and in the 1950s the number of employees reached 230 people. At the time, CTH Ericson was the largest workplace for women in Borlänge. Even today, they hear many stories of Grandmothers and Aunts who have been involved and contributed to CTH’s history. View Post

Product Review – The Burton Miliary Coat

That Dapper Chap reviews the Burton Menswear military style coat which came top of his recent blog on top five coats available from the current collection

We all know the Burton brand. Now owned by the Arcadia Group who also look after Topman, it’s a well established British institution. With over 400 stores in the UK you’re never far from a store.


For this product review I am focussing on the coat which came top of my recent blog on winter coats available from Burton menswear.

As we know, a lot of coats are inspired by military design, for example, the trench coat and the pea coat all have their roots deep in military soil. This coat however embraces this fact and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a Naval coat. With its wide ample collar, double breasted front and metal buttons embossed with Anchors, it’s not a shy piece and is more of a statement coat compared to others we’re seeing on the high street. View Post