My Top Five Fashion Fails

Craig shares details of five fashion fails that you should avoid at all costs

It’s good to look good. Fact. But what happens if you’re not sure what looks good? How do you know that you’re not committing a cardinal sin of fashion? Well, I’m here to help and to share details of some of my top fashion fails.​

Long Trousers

First up one thing that I find really frustrating as there is absolutely no need for it. Trousers that are too long for you make you look scruffy, shorter than you are, and like you’ve had fun at the dressing up box or are wearing your Dads hand-me-downs.

Trousers that are too long look scruffy and make you look shorter than you are

Your trousers should kiss the tops of your shoes, not bunch up and crease, concertina fashion at your ankles. To avoid this measure you’re inside leg and only buy trousers that fit. Don’t make the mistake of thinking “I’m not short, I’m not buying a short leg trouser” . If you do that you’ll forever look like a stumpy tramp in borrowed trousers.

The other alternative is to take them to a tailor or seamstress who will shorten them at little cost. Trust me it’s worth it, and he or she will know exactly where they should finish.

The right length. Your trousers should sit neatly on the top of your shoes

Light Tie, Dark Shirt

You’re not a gangster from the 20’s or in a boy band from the 90’s with spiked gelled hair (I hope).

Okay, so this may be more of a personal displeasure than an absolute no no, but it’s such a difficult look to get right, so unless you have a professional stylist, avoid it.

A light tie with a dark shirt is a full on fail

For me a tie should be darker than your shirt or at least tonal. It looks smarter and way more professional. The options below are all available from Next.

Smart and sophisticated, ties should be darker than the shirt or tonal

The Novelty Tie

Talking of ties. Please, please, please avoid the novelty tie. It does not say that you’re a witty, fun loving and charming guy. It’s more likely to say that you live in your Mothers cellar and cut up dead stuff.

Novelty ties are no joke

They are not fun, they are not classy and should be given to a charity shop immediately. Don’t be afraid to use pattern though, just keep it sophisticated. The ties below are all good options and are available from Next for between £10 and £30.

Release The Vents

One embarrassing error that a lot of guys make is not un-tacking the vents on the back of their jackets. On many occasions I have stopped guys in the street or at tube stations to tell them that their vents are still stitched. Often the reply I get is “Oh, I thought they were supposed to stay there”

The tacks are there to hold the shape of the jacket while it’s being transported and stored. Nothing more than that. Cut it, remove it. Done.

The Velcro Fasten Shoes

Unless you have a mobility or medical issues that prevents you from tying laces do not buy shoes with a velcro fastening. Aside from the fact that they are generally very ugly, they say “I don’t care a hoot about how I look”

Velcro fasten shoes a top five fashion fail

Yes, they are easy to get on, but so are loafers! No arguments! A man who can tie his own laces is infinitely more interesting than a man that seemingly can’t or is too lazy to do so. Leave them for those that need them.

Loafers by Dune, Burton and Henley Comfort. Way better that a velcro shoe

Thanks for stopping buy to read this post. Have you been the victim of one of my fashion fails? Maybe you don’t think they are fashion fails? Maybe you have other ideas of what is a fashion fail.

Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave me a comment below.


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