The Motorola One

Craig shares details of the new mobile phone from Motorola

Blogger reviews the new Motorola One mobile phone
Testing the camera on the Motorola One

My first mobile phone was by Motorola. It had large clunky buttons, no screen and a stubby fixed aerial. That was a long time ago, and in recent years Motorola seems to have lost a little of its popularity. That’s all about to change as they’re back with the Motorola One, an Android smart phone for the next generation.

To test the phone, particularly its photographic capabilities, Motorola invited us to try it out at the London Zoo Christmas Lights Trail. As we know, shooting images at night, with lights and moving objects can be challenging, not for the Motorola One it seems!

Blogger reviews the new Motorola One phone
An image captured on the Motorola One, unedited and without a filter

Meet The Motorola One

After meeting in Camden we were provided with the phone and had a demonstration on how to set it up and use it. At this point I need to tell you that I am an IOS type guy, so I’m used to the settings and features of a particular phone. While I did need a little more assistance in setting my phone up, I didn’t find it as complicated as I thought I would. It’s quite intuitive and my phone was ready in around five minutes.

The main purpose of our evening was to use the camera and this is one area in which Motorola have excelled.

Blogger reviews the new Motorola One mobile phone
The Motorola One, available now at just £199.00
Blogger reviews the new Motorola One mobile phone
A Motorola One party at the London Zoo Christmas Lights Trail

As we made our way around London zoo, snapping pics on our new phones, I became more comfortable with it and how to use the various functions. 

How many times have you see a picture waiting to happen only to find that by the time you’ve signed into your phone and got to the camera that the moment has gone? Never again with the Motorla One, its a quick twist of the wrist and your 13MP + 2MP camera is ready in a single second!

If creating funky videos is your thing the Cinemagraph function is for you! This cool addition allows you to freeze a section of your video while leaving another part moving. No more messing around with stand alone apps.

Blogger reviews the new Motorola One mobile phone
The Motorola One copes really well in poor light
Blogger reviews the Motorola One mobile Phone

Just one of the amazing light displays at London Zoo, captured on the Motorola One

Another of my favourite features on this phone is that if you chop the phone twice, the torch comes on. No more fussing around trying to find your keys in the dark while trying to remember where your phone torch is! Nothing to do with taking pictures I know, but I wanted to share that with you.

The Motorola One also has a Portrait feature which allows you to take great portraits with a blurred background. Not only that but after taking the picture you can edit it in portrait mode to control the amount of blur and where you want it to be, even changing from a background blur to a foreground blur.

The function also works on the 8MP front facing camera too. Bring on the selfies, and perfect them even further with the ‘beautify’ setting. You’ll never have a wrinkle or bad skin again!

Motorola One In The Real World

After leaving London Zoo, with nobody to help me, it was time for me to see how things work in the real world. I’m pleased to say that the Motorola One and I are now friends. It really doesn’t take very long to switch from IOS to Android, and I think they are more similar now than they ever have been.

Blogger reviews the new Motorola One mobile phone
The Motorola One has many great features for those keen on photography

I can now receive my emails, play music, control Google Home and do all of the other things that I did on my IOS phone. I’m genuinely surprised at how easy it is to use and how swiftly I switched from IOS to Android. 

So, if like me you’re a little older, and not as tech savvy as those annoying millennials who instantly know how to use everything with super efficiency, it’s okay, if I can switch, so can you!

Blogger reviews the new Motorola One mobile phone
Taking a coffee break with my Motorola One

The Motorola One, complete with a free case is available right now from John Lewis, Amazon and Argos at a reduced price of just £199.00 (reduced from £299.00 until January 2019). To learn more about this new mobile phone, pop over to the Motorola website where you’ll find everything you need.

Blogger reviews the new Motorola One mobile phone
An image taken with the portrait function of the Motorola One

Do you have experience of Motorola phones? How do you find them compared to others? Maybe you’re getting a new Motorola One for Christmas? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave me a comment below.

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DisclaimerThis post is sponsored by Motorola. All thoughts and opinions are honest and are my own

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