Introducing Jaguar Stance

Craig shares details of the brand new Jaguar Stance fragrance.

At an exclusive launch event in central London, I was introduced to the striking new eau de toilette in the Jaguar Fragrances family. With a fresh and vibrant personality, allow me to introduce you to Jaguar Stance.
Blogger reviews Jaguar Stance mens fragrance

Introducing Jaguar Stance in its distinctive 3D smokey glass bottle

Along with their beautifully designed cars, Jaguar have been creating men’s fragrances for some time. Historically they have been aimed at a more mature gentleman. This time around they are offering a distinctive new fragrance directly aimed at a younger, up and coming audience. Think of those twenty somethings, fresh out of university, super connected, and about to take their careers by the horns and carve their way into the world.

Influencer introduced the brand new fragrance from luxury brand Jaguar

Discussing the elements of the fragrance with creator Richard Ibanez

Blogger reviews the latest Jaguar Stance mens fragrance

Apple and mandarin make for a fresh and vibrant eau de toilette

This fragrance is fresh, light and very easy to wear. The top notes of apple and mandarin give a distinct vibrant crispness, while the heart notes of vetiver, patchouli and cashmere wood offer a masculine depth.

Creator Richard Ibanez took me through the process of the fragrance’s creation, and explained how each element worked together to build a scent which would appeal to a dynamic new generation.

Blogger reviews Jaguar Stance, the brand new mens fragrance for Christmas 2018

Patchouli adds depth and masculinity to the brand new fragrance from Jaguar Fragrances

Influencer attend exclusive launch event of the brand new Jaguar fragrance

Guests at the exclusive event discuss the intricacies of the new eau de toilette from Jaguar Fragrances

The base notes of Jaguar Stance come in the form of vanilla for a hint of sweetness, and the sensuality of musk and amber. Inspiring, individual and authentic, just like the young men that this fragrance is aimed at.

That’s not to say that an older man can’t wear this, you can, just as I will. It’s a Jaguar fragrance at the end of the day, so its track record of being a solid and sophisticated fragrance is not in question.

Blogger reviews the brand new Jaguar Stance fragrance

Amber at the base of this fragrance makes Jaguar Stance warm and distinctive

The bottle itself is a reason to buy this fragrance. Using elements directly lifted from the interior design of the Jaguar I-Pace, the faceted bottle with its grey toned smoked glass is a real statement. Modern, classy and distinctive, the bottle has a gunmetal cap which is finished with the iconic ‘growler’ Jaguar head.

Influencer reviews the brand new Jaguar Stance fragrance

Jaguar Stance is the fragrance for the modern man, young, sophisticated and dynamic

Jaguar Stance is available now, from Marks & Spencer. 60ml bottles are £29.00 and 100ml bottles are £45.00, so they are an ideal Christmas gift.

Thank you for reading this post. Have you tried Jaguar fragrances before? Maybe you’re one of the first to buy this brand new fragrance? Either way I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment below.

This post is sponsored by Jaguar Fragrances. All thoughts and opinions are honest and are my own.


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