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Craig shares details of a day spent at the cheese and craft beer market in London’s trendy East Village E20

Just a few short minutes from Stratford station and you’re in the heart of the vibrant, bustling and trendy East Village E20, which according to certain sources is one of London’s hippest postcodes. With various markets and events held there regularly I was excited to be invited to attend the cheese and craft beer market.
Blogger visits London's hippest postcode East Village E20

The entrance to London’s hippest postcode: East Village E20

Influencer visits the cheese and beer market as East Village E20

Vegan doesn’t have to be tasteless and this incredible fried sandwich proved it.

The smell of street food got us even before we’d entered the market, and there were a number of stalls to choose from, offering wraps crammed with various fillings, Chinese food and vegan delights, to name just a few.

Blogger visits foodie heaven at East Village E20

The market played host to a number of great street food stalls

Blogger samples vegan street food at East Village E20 London

The vegan Cauliflower Sheshwami was beautiful

Influencer visits East Village E20 for the cheese and craft beer market and samples Chinese street food

Delicious fresh steaming Chinese food on offer at East Village E20

Influencer visits london's hippest postcode East Village E20

I opted for the veggie pitta with grilled Hallumi and enjoyed every mouthful

Blogger visits East Village E20 to review the area and see what's on offer

The street food on offer was varied and plentiful. Something for everybody’s taste

But this particular market is all about the cheese and beer though right! And boy were there some great cheeses to sample. From silky soft and creamy goats cheese, tangy cheddar’s and potent Stiltons, there was something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Blogger visits the cheese and craft beer market at East Village E20

Cheese and beer in perfect harmony at the market in London’s East Village E20

Blogger samples cheeses at the East Village E20 cheese and craft beer market

A big ‘cheesy’ grin from one of the stall holders at the cheese and craft beer market

Blogger reviews the East Village E20 cheese and craft beer market

People enjoying the talks, and the cheeses at the market

Influencer attends the East Village E20 cheese and craft beer market

Talks from Ned Palmer and Rebecca Pate were very informative

Throughout the day there were talks from Ned Palmer from The Cheese Tasting Company and brewer Rebecca Pate from Five Points Brewery. They enchanted audiences with talks about the intricacies of cheese and beer, while of course allowing those listening to sample the content of their discussions.

These were very popular. I’m not sure if it was because people were cheese and beer fans and wanted to be further educated, or whether it was down to the plentiful samples! Either way everyone seemed to enjoy them and there was a real buzz at each one.

Blogger samples craft beers at a market in London's hippest postcode E20

Beers were many and varied at the event and all available to sample

Blogger attends the cheese and beer market at East Village E20

The market was a great place to try new things in a vibrant and cool part of London

I was particularly taken by the honey beer on offer from Hiver whose beer is made from the raw honey of London beekeepers. That’s a cool thing on its own but once you learn that a good percentage of profits are put back into local beekeeping it adds a element to the beer that I really wanted to share with you. Plus it tasted damn good!

Blogger meets maker of beer made from the honey from London's beekeepers

Hiver make beer using honey from London’s beekeepers

All of the beer stalls were popular, with people of all ages keen to sample something new and exciting. Mother Kelly’s went down a treat, as did Hoppily who were there to tell people about their craft beer membership delivery service.

Blogger visits East Village E20 cheese and beer market

Plenty of people wanted to try Mother Kelly’s beer

Influencer visits East Village E20, London's hippest postcode and a great place to live

The market had a great atmosphere and was enjoyed by people and dogs alike

The cheese and beer market at East Village E20

Hoppily offer a craft beer delivery service

While cheese and beer were the main focus of the market, there were also other great things to try like organic wine from L’ Altrevi and an amazing cake from Doreen’s Home made Jamaican Rum Cake. The story behind the cake really touched my heart and made each mouthful more warming.

Blogger samples organic wine at a foodie market in East Village E20

Also on offer were organic wines from L’Altrevi

Blogger attends foodie market at Londons East Village E20

Keeping it in the family with Doreen’s Jamaican Rum Cake

Blogger reviews the cheese and beer market at East Village E20

The cheese at the event came in all shapes and sizes, some even looked like dinosaur eggs!

Aside from the stalls at the event, East Village E20 plays host to over over 25 independent shops, cafe’s and restaurants. We took some time out for coffee at one of the cool and stylish cafe’s, and had a look around some of the stores, before venturing back for more cheese!

Blogger visits East Village E20 a cool and trendy place to live near the heart of London

East Village is also home to over 25 independent shops, cafes, and restaurants

East Village E20 is a cool, hip and trendy part of London

Locals enjoy a coffee in one of the many cool and trendy cafe’s

Blogger enjoys coffee in one of East Villages cool cafe's

Time for a coffee stop at one of East Villages cafe’s

Blogger visits East Village E20 a great place to live

Sampling some of the veg on offer at the family run Ted’s Veg farm shop.

I love East Village. There is a really great vibe to the place. It’s a stones throw from the hustle and bustle of central London, but far enough away to offer some peace and a bit of tranquillity and escape.

The modern yet relaxed surroundings, with trees nestled among the blocks of flats and a gently flowing stream to sip coffee by, seems like a great place to live. There are a few places available to rent, all via GetLiving, and if I was in a position to consider moving, it’s certainly a place that I’d put on my ‘must see’ list.

Blogger visits East Village E20 to find out what all the fuss is about

East Village is a cool and trendy haven just a few minutes tube from central London

Did you know that East Village even existed? I didn’t! But I’m really pleased that I now do!

Are you a cheese or beer aficionado and are now kicking yourself because you missed the event? Maybe you’re going to add the next date in your diary

As a great foodie destination there are some great events planned for the coming weeks. I’m quite excited about the series of Sensory Supper Clubs they have planned for this Autumn! Keep any eye on the website for full details of this and other cool events.

Perhaps you’ve even added East Village to your list of potential places to put down roots? Either way I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to add a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for stopping by!

this post was sponsored by Get Living which offers rental homes in East Village.


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