MyHeritage – Who are they? Who are You?

Craig traces his family tree and finds out his true ethnicity through DNA testing with MyHeritage. And offers readers free shipping when you buy your kit

I’ve always had a very keen interest in tracing my family tree, learning about the people in your past, seeing where they lived, who they married and how they died. I had previously set up an account with another provider but lost interest, so when MyHeritage contacted me it rekindled my desire to once again research my family history.

After importing my existing family tree from Ancestry (which was quite simple to do) I was once again discovering new names and even some faces, thanks to other users uploading photographs of family members. I have to say that it can be somewhat addictive and I have spent a few hours glued to my screen.

MyHeritage is very user friendly and very intuitive. Checking in today I have 798 matches to review. That’s 798 new pieces of information directly relating to the family tree that I’ve built.

And so it goes on! My Fathers side of my family has been very easy to trace and has continued unfolding very quickly. My Mothers side of the family has been different. My Mothers family were considerably less affluent, and historically it seems that records of poorer people were less concise. That coupled with early deaths of my Grand Mothers parents and her own Grand Mother, left me a little stumped. I was never able to get the information I needed from the other company but MyHeritage has opened doors and provided a wealth of new information. Information that my Grand Mother and the rest of my family were totally unaware of. It solved a family mystery and I will always be grateful for that.

Not only can us use MyHeritage to trace and build your own family tree but you can also take a DNA test to learn about your genetic make up. Do you really know where you’re from? I doubt it. I didn’t!

The kit is simple to use as you can see from my video. A couple of weeks later and my results were in. Not only that but I also had new matches on My Heritage according to my DNA results. More to review!

My results were a genuine surprise! To learn that I am only 43.7% English was a shocker. To learn that I am 1% Indian was a real eye opener. So I guess my task now is to continue building my family tree until I find the Indian link. Watch this space!

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Do you use MyHeritage? How do you find it? Have you completed a DNA test? Were you shocked by the results? Maybe you don’t like the idea of your DNA being on file? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you.

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