The Stutterheim Raincoat

Craig styles the Stockholm Workwear raincoat in Denim blue from Swedish brand Stutterheim

Swedish brand Stutterheim know a thing or two when it comes to making raincoats. All coats are handmade using the finest craftsmanship and are characterised by simplicity, functionality and timeless design. Offered in a wide range of joyful colours you’ll now find them on over 23 countries and many many more wardrobes across the world.

Lightweight and totally rainproof the rubber macs are a must have for the winter and spring. From the range available I chose this denim blue Stockholm DS Workwear raincoat. While a part of me wanted to get something a bit brighter and more cheerful, I think this one was more suitable for me personally and very wearable. Available in sizes XXS to XXL they do suggest that you pick a size smaller than your usual size and I’m wearing a size small.

The raincoat is a lighter version of their waterproof Rubberised Cotton and has a Denim Structure. The seams are welded, to ensure water protection and it comes with two front flap patch pockets and cotton drawstring at the hood.

Going for the full on fisherman look I pulled out a thick cotton basket weave roll neck sweater, perfect for chilly days and a great complimentary colour. Ripped jeans offer a modern element to the look and the heavy black leather boots are both practical and stylish and finish the look.

Raincoats aren’t the only thing Stutterheim offer, and their full range also includes hats, wallets and boots which you can buy with red, grey or white soles which perfectly match the red, grey and white raincoats for ultimate winter weather style. And while the raincoats are unisex, they cater for both men and women but also offer a range for children too.

A Stutterheim raincoat costs from 1,999 SEK (£177) to 6,499 SEK (£575) for the craziest designs. So whether it’s a rainbow raincoat, a patchwork piece or a denim blue one like mine, take a look at Stutterheim for your next waterproof purchase.

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