The New Bentley Fragrance

Craig attends the launch party of the new Bentley Momentum Unlimited fragrance

Bentley have been making fragrances for men for a good few years now and each one gets progressively better than the last. Bentley Momentum Unlimited is the latest edition and the brother of Bentley Momentum, released last year. 

So, with champagne in hand it was time to sample this latest edition. Created from some of the finest ingredients by world renowned scent designer Michel Almairac, the fragrance captures the essence of Bentley Motorcars and continues that unending desire for quality.

Fresh and sensuous, this fragrance is younger and crisper than some of its predecessors offering a decidedly more citrus scent, with a zesty zing of Grapefruit as its top note. The cardamom helps deepen the fragrance and adds that element of masculinity and spiciness that we so love.

At its heart are the woods, with sandalwood and cedarwood, again adding depth and interest. This is followed by Vetiver, to give a hint of floral lightness.

At the base we have rugged leather, Ambroxan, the wonder element which is derived from Clary Sage, and finally the musky scent on Muscenone to finish the fragrance.

The clear glass bottle was directly inspired by some of the worlds most elegant and iconic skylines and is assertive in it’s design. It’s a real shelf pleaser, and with the marque’s signature knurling on the front and reverse of the bottle, it screams Bentley.

Bentley Momentum Unlimited is available in selected stores for £59 for 100ml Eau De Toilette


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