Primark And Harris Tweed

Craig shares details of the new partnership between Primark and Harris Tweed and shows us his new jacket and waistcoat.

With wool from the borders of Scotland thanks to the Cheviot sheep, Primark have introduced five brand new pieces for AW17 in a direct partnership with Harris Tweed. It includes the jacket and waistcoat that I’m wearing here, a bomber jacket, a green jacket and a navy jacket.

How its Made

After the wool is kindly given up by the sheep it is thoroughly cleaned to remove grease and lanolin. From here it is dyed. These days this is all controlled by computer to make sure that colours are consistent and the process faster and more efficient. After drying, the wool is blended, giving it its unique Harris Tweed appearance.

The next step in the creation process is called ‘carding’ during which the dyed wool is passed over spinning wire drums, this makes the wool into something called ‘Sliver’. That is then spun into yarn. The yarn goes off to the weavers cottages where they can weave up to 180 metres of tweed a week. What they produce is then collected and inspected by Harris Tweed before being washed and shrunk.

The next step is to ‘crop’ the fabric meaning that hairs sticking out on both side of the fabric are cut off. It’s a bit like mowing a lawn. After pressing and being stamped with the famous Harris Tweed orb, it is ready to be made into the various items you see today, including the wonderful new collection from Primark.

What I’m Wearing

With my herringbone Harris Tweed jacket and waistcoat I’m wearing a red and white wide stripe cotton shirt and a red and blue bird motif tie, both by Next. The slim fit jean and by Burton. The burgundy brogues are a favourite from Base London and the briefcase is of course from The Cambridge Satchel Company

The collection is now available to buy in larger Primark stores. Jackets £85.  Herringbone waistcoat £30. Bomber jacket £60.


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