Fears Watches Launch New Collection

Fears Watches mark the first anniversary of their re-launch with three new watches, at The Telepraph’s Salon QP luxury watch fair

With an incredible back story, Fears watches are celebrating the first anniversary of their relaunch at the Telegraph’s Salon QP luxury watch fair, held at the Saatchi Gallery this week. Excited to share his latest creations I met with Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, the co founder of Fears, to hear the details of the brand new Brunswick timepiece and the new editions to the Redcliff family.

First established in 1846 by Nicholas’s great-great-great grandfather Edwin Fear, the business ran for 110 years until it closed its doors in the late 1950’s. Last year Nicholas picked up the reigns and reignited the fears spark, creating the Redcliff watch, named directly after the street in Bristol where the Edwin Fear first set up shop.

And, so to celebrate a year of success, Fears have introduced a brand new dial colour for the Redcliff in Passport red, and are also introducing a dual timezone watch in the Redcliff Continental.

The Redcliffe Date – Passport Red

Already available in three distinctive dial colours, Nicholas as introduced a new rich hue in Passport red. Directly inspired by the most popular passport colour. The glossy finish has been created with layers to give a splendid brilliance.

Also in Passport red is a new Goat’s leather Fears strap. Both strap and dial are compatible with existing Fears watches and are interchangeable.

The Redcliffe Continential

Taking inspiration from the glamour of 60’s international travel this new timepiece offers users the chance to set two separate time zones. So if you have a business call, a loved one in another country or you’re travelling abroad you can now immediately see the time in the country of your choice. It’s easy to set, using the crown on two different settings for each of the time zones. No over complicated settings.

The second time zone is subtly displayed in a small oval window just above the 6 o clock setting. The oval itself didn’t just happen by accident, and is the same shape as the stickers found on the bumpers of cars that drove between countries in the 1960’s.

With the same distinctive Fears hands and hour markers, the Redcliff Continental is clearly recognisable as a Fears watch. I particularly like the globe emblem that they’ve added to the face.

The Brunswick

The first mechanical watch from Fears in 60 years, this watch is inspired by a timepiece from the Fears collection which dates back to 1924. Featuring a cushion-shaped case, this watch is hand built in small runs, and evokes images from the 20’s.

The time is read using thermally-blued, skeletonised ‘Fears’ hands with seconds displayed on an additional dial at 6 o’ clock. This beautiful classically styled new edition to the Fears family is named after Brunswick Square in Bristol, UK, where Fears export business first started, again giving a nod to Nicholas’s heritage and adding a genuinely personal touch.

Nicholas says about these new editions “The success of the first year since the re-establishment of my family’s company has been extremely encouraging. I’m delighted that people are appreciating the Fears values and our commitment to making elegant watches that are designed and built to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Building on this success, we’re pleased to expand the popular Redcliff family with a practical and useful complication for the modern-day traveller. This was also the right time to reintroduce a mechanical Fears watch, something that our customers have been requesting over the past year. I feel very proud to be running the company that was started by my great-great-great grandfather Edwin Fear 171 years ago, and to see it flourishing once more.”

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  1. Katy Hammond-Holian
    November 4, 2017 / 2:11 pm

    Love the watches, they are very classic & stylish