A day with Mazda

Craig takes a trip to the Cotswolds to test drive a selection of cars by Mazda, including the CX5, Mazda 6 and the MX5

After arriving in the Cotswolds on a cold, dark and wet evening, I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled by the prospect of driving a range of Mazda’s cars around the countryside. However as morning broke, it was clear that our day was going to be blessed with sunshine. What a perfect day for a test drive!

The Mazda MX5

I’m not going to bang on about how great the MX5 is as I’ve already cover it in a previous post. However as it was there it would be terribly rude not to take the opportunity to drop the roof and take it out for a spin. Unlike the Soul red version that I discussed previously this pale grey variation has a soft top, which unlike the RF hard top has to be dropped manually. Not a huge effort admittedly but more effort than simply pressing a button on the dashboard!

Also, this was the 1.5L rather than the 2L that I drove previously, and it was instantly different to drive as it had way less pull than it’s gutsier sister. It’s still a great drive however and there’s nothing better than flying around the countryside, roof down in the autumn sun.

The Mazda MX5 can be yours for around £18,795

The Mazda CX5

I have to admit to being somewhat scared to get behind the wheel of the Mazda CX5 at it is a bit of a monster. It’s by far the biggest car I have ever driven and I was concerned about my ability to control it. I needn’t have been however as after a few seconds I was incredibly comfortable, not only in its high set position, but in myself and my driving ability.

Designed under the concept of ‘Refined Toughness’ the second-generation CX-5 features a powerful evolution of Mazda’s front-end design. Available in two highly-specified trim levels, the ten model UK range starts at just £23,695

The Mazda 6

I wasn’t immediately taken by the Mazda 6 Saloon. For me it’s a bit of a ‘normal’ car, one for the family or travelling businessman. However once inside I changed my mind about it as it’s a really nice drive.

The Mazda 6 is available in eight colours including Mazda’s new Machine Grey Metallic. The revised Mazda 6 features a new leather steering wheel, which is heated on the Sport Nav models. Other premium upgrades to range-topping Sport Nav models include an enhanced head up display that features full colour and Traffic Sign Recognition for the first time, plus electric memory seats that now also adjust the head-up display.

The Mazda 6 start around £19,995

The rain held off and it was a perfect day for taking these cars around the country roads. A huge thanks to Mazda UK for allowing me this opportunity.


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