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Craig wears and styles a selection of beautiful scarves & pocket squares by Laslett England and offers readers an exclusive 20% discount.

designed, produced and hand finished right here in the UK, Melanie Laslett, founder of Laslett England takse a huge amount of pride in her collection. A fan of textiles, vintage and fashion, it was only a matter of time before Melanie started creating her own accessories.

Melanie has created a beautiful range of luxury scarves, some of which I want to share with you in this sponsored post. But she’s keen to make it clear that her designs transcend the sexes “The way men and women dress now is more interchangeable, men in particular are more aware of how they style themselves. Every design is my own original creation, a mix of many references, each with a hint of vintage”

Melanie creates a range of unisex scarves with vintage refrences

In the two images above we have the faded star cream wool scarf. Made from superfine wool and cashmere, it’s a pretty large scarf and at a whopping 138cm x 180cm it will allow you to wear it in a number of ways. In the first image I have it folded neatly, doubled and then passed through its own look. You could just as easily knot it to create shorter ends, pass it around your neck and throw one end over a shoulder, have it draped down the inside of a fastened jacket or you could wear it shawl/poncho style in a bohemian fashion.

Keeping with the star theme, below I’m wearing the faded star printed wool scarf, which is directly inspired by vintage flags. It’s 100% super fine wool and has a hand fringed hem.  In the image below I’m wearing it loosely tied on the inside of an open collared shirt and then draped on the inside of my jacket. Alternatively you could tie it in a similar way as a regular neck tie or wrapped around and around your neck in a snood style.

You will have noticed that I’m also wearing a pocket square with this scarf, this is also from the laslett England range and is the vintage flag blue silk pocket square. Measuring 33cm x 33cm it’s 100% silk and printed with a faded out union flag. This pocket square is also available as a scarf at 94cm x 97cm square.

Next up we have the ‘Soundings’ sand long scarf. The print is a based on a ‘Soundings’ map of the seabed and at 65cm x 175cm you can wear it draped around your neck or wound around a couple of times for extra layering or doubled and knotted, the choice is yours! It’s again made from 100% super fine wool, which feels great against the skin, and the colour scheme is just perfect for this autumn.

If you’re looking for something for party season, maybe something a tad more dapper, take a look at the ‘Dapper’ mono printed silk scarf. Again, in 100% silk, this is a very nice finishing touch to your outfit if you’re attending a party, award ceremony or black tie event. What’s more it’s reversible!

In my pocket you can see the matching ‘Dapper’ silk pocket square. If you’re going to do it, do it right, right!

As well as some super scarves, Melanie also offers a very nice selection of beautiful pocket squares. Below (clockwise from left to right) we have the ‘Folk‘ wool pocket square, the ‘Havana’ in blue and in pink, and lastly the ‘Woodcut’ in grey silk. All pocket squares are £50 and will make a great gift for that special man in your life.

Finally, in these last few images, I’m wearing the ‘Resort’ scarf. At 65cm x 65cm it’s again 100% silk and has a distinctive retro style which lends itself perfectly to this look. I’v teamed it with a heavy pinstripe collarless denim shirt, dark jeans, brown boots and a navy bakerboy hat. I prefer to wear it inside the shirt as a less structural cravat, but you can happily wear it outside the shirt as seen in the other images, either knotted or loosely tied and simply folded over itself.

Your Exclusive 20% Discount

I hope you like how I’ve styled the great scarves and pocket squares from Laslett England. If you’d like to treat yourself or buy a gift for someone in your life, male or female, I can make sure that you get it at the best price possible. All you need to do is choose your items, add them to your basket and when you go to your basket you will see ‘Coupon Code’ , simply add code thatdapperchap2017 and ‘apply’. Done.Happy shopping!

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