Product Review – The Vanacci Card Wallet

Craig reviews the Vanacci carbon evo minimal card wallet in mach leather

Todays product review is all about the carbon leather card wallet by Vanacci. As with any of my sponsored posts this review is entirely honest and unbiased.

Founded just three short years ago the Vanacci team of fashion experts, designers and engineers have set to create a range of mens accessories that enhance your life and add an extra dash of style while doing so. Vanacci offers a range of wallets, card holders, money clips, fragranced jewellery and watches.

Founders Sean, Ryan, Paegan and James take a great deal of pride in their hand made products and make sure that the products that they produce are of the highest possible quality, and all with a slight Italian flair, courtesy of James. Yorkshire-men Sean and James are proud of their British heritage and source as many parts as possible from the UK before they are assembled in their Leeds workshop.


The carbon evo minimal wallet will hold three standard sized credit cards. Each slots easily into an opening at the top of the wallet and sit securely inside until they are needed. When you do need one, simply push up the release button and your cards are presented to you in a tiered fashion, ready for you to take the card of your choice.

Your cards are also secure from copying and scanning thanks to built in RFID blocking technology. With scratch and abrasion resistant polished stainless steel and leather, the wallet is a lightweight at just 85 grams (3oz).

On the reverse of the wallet you’ll also find a heavy duty elastic strap for cash, extra cards and other items.

The wallet conforms to REACH standards and is made from grade 316 stainless steel and grade 6061 aluminnium. It measures 110mm (4.3″) x 60mm (2.7″) x 10mm (0.4″)

The wallet is available in a variety of colours and finishes.


Priced at £59.99 it’s a nice gift price and a fair price for what you’re getting. Particularly considering that a lot of the parts and the assembly are based in the UK.

Packaging & Presentation

My wallet arrived in a nifty and sturdy presentation box. Inside I found the wallet wrapped in black tissue paper along with a business card and my very own certificate of authenticity and warranty which I though was a very nice touch.


I have used this wallet over the last week to test it in real life situations. It’s very light and fits easily into a jacket or trouser pocket. It’s not cumbersome as I thought it might be and it was easy to get hold of. The cards and cash really are secure. I was a little concerned that a tenner may drop out while running for the tube or that my cards will despense themselves in a puddle while the bus drives off and leaves me fumbling in the rain. But no. I even did the shake test, and while I spun, shook and gyrated like a person possessed of ancient evil spirits, not a single card or paper note fled it’s new home.

I also wanted to test the robustness of the pusher upper button (I’m sure there’s a technical name for it, but it eludes me) so I set about knocking up 500 ‘slide up, push downs’ It took a good few minutes to execute, extended only by a break for a finger of an 18 year old malt (well why not, my thumb needed oiling) It worked fine, and still does today without a hitch.

The cards are easy to get out. I knew that the card at the top would be easy to pull out but what about the one in the middle? My fears were soon allayed and I found it simple to slide it out without issue.


If you’re a gadget guy or a man who appreciates design and wants something other than the same wallet owned by 20 billion other guys, give the Vanacci card wallet a look.

If you’re more ‘traditional’ it may not be for you, but don’t just dismiss it because it’s different to what you’re used to. Remember if things didn’t evolve we’d still be wearing three quarter length tweed trousers and cloth caps and working down t’pit (my Yorkshire reference – You’re welcome)

Pro’s & Con’s

The design is simple and classy. The wallet looks good, and it’s lightweight enough to not get in the way. The RFID technology is a major plus considering all the concerns of contactless payment.

A downside for me is that it only holds three cards. For me five would be more appropriate. I also feel that a pocket on the back would have been a better option than the elastic, not that I’ve lost anything from the elastic. That’s just my personal opinion. Having said all that, I am aware that there is a new version of the wallet about to be released that can hold more cards.


People were a bit split on this. The enigmatic Mr G marvelled at it for a while before exclaiming that “it’s a nice bit of kit” Katy said “I think it’s amazing! you just flick it up and there are your cards!”  Carla thought it was “Classy” and said that “A guy with one of these is a man with taste”

Ben wasn’t so enamoured “I don’t get it, what’s wrong with a normal wallet?” Martin thought it was “a bit too flash for me”


Overall it’s a good little product. I feel that it’s a gift piece more than a must have buy that you’ll get for yourself. Until I received this I was happy with my regular wallet and would just have carried on using that until someone decided it was too tatty and replaced it for Christmas or a birthday. I can see a lot of Dads, Brothers and Uncles getting of one of these for Christmas this year. I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed finding one in my stocking on Christmas morning, particularly if it holds five cards (hint hint)

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