The New Acqua Di Parma Colonia Pura Fragrance

Craig reviews the new Acqua Di Parma Colonia Pura Eau De Cologne and hair and shower gel available at Debenhams

With its first fragrance created in Parma, Italy 100 years ago these guys know a lot about what it takes to make a good fragrance great. The Colonia Pura Eau De Cologne is a super fresh fragrance which bursts with citrus. This is the immediate hit that you get from this latest offering from Acqua Di Parma thanks to the orange and bergamot, and it’s very pleasant.

The citrus is quickly followed by a hint of coriander and Jasmine which continues the story of freshness, but the fragrance needs something to make it more masculine. This is provided by the cedar, patchouli and musk, all adding depth and a touch of sensuality to the proceedings.

This is a lighter fragrance and is inoffensive in its offering. For me it’s a day fragrance, one to wear to the office or at the weekend. It’s not going to hold it’s own on a night out when you want something with a heavier presence that will maintain its scent into the early hours.

As a man I need a few fragrances for different occasions, one size does not fit all, and I think this is a perfect addition to any mans armoury. It’s a very likeable fragrance and won’t split opinion like other fragrances that I’ve tested. Like a well mannered cousin, it’s more likely to be accepted by a crowd compared to a more boisterous cohort, which may have your friends looking at you with that “what have you done” look in their eyes.

I’m confident that I’ll go back to this fragrance again and again. Unlike others that sit on my bathroom shelf it’s a safe ‘go to’ on a Monday morning.

The hair and shower gel allows you to maintain a consistent smell, and I appreciate it when a brand does this, as so often I’ve used a fragranced shower gel followed by a different cologne, and I’m sure they must conflict at times, so getting a matching shower gel and cologne is the way forward.

The hair and shower gel is again quite light and foams up nicely in the shower. The gel itself is enriched with panthenol and marine oligo elements which helps leave the skin soft and the hair feeling clean and fragrant.

Available at Debenhams, 50ml is £66.00, 100ml £91.00 and 180l is £120.00. The hair and shower gel is £30.00 for 200ml


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