The latest grooming products from Mankind

Craig reviews some of the latest men’s grooming products available from Mankind, including Jack Black, Nanogen and Neville

Today’s grooming post features new products from Mankind. Some of the brands you’ll know, others may be new to you, but either way I’ll tell you what I thought of them.

So we start with the Nanogen shampoo and conditioner which now has a permanent place on my bathroom shelf. Made specifically for men to help thicken the hair, it’s a good product, smells great, and has a bonus that it’s an all-in-one treatment meaning you only need one bottle!

The Neville Rescue Scrub is another product that I’d recommend. With volcanic ash it’s designed to remove dead skin and leave your skin feeling smoother and refreshed. With antioxidants in the form of Bergamot and clove, it’s a nice little skin cleansing treatment.

A good eye balm is essential for those of us of a certain age, or those who like to burn the proverbial candle at both ends! The Jack Black eye balm is cooling and will reduce the puffiness of tired eyes. Packed with a host of vitamins to nourish, and chamomile to soothe, you should always have one handy!

Also in my new collection is the Tigi Bed Head Balm Down aftershave cream. It’s a lightweight moisturising cream that absorbs quickly, calming the skin and relieving any soreness and redness you may get when shave, nourishing your newly shaven skin. Again this has a nice fresh scent.

Next up we have the Hanz De Funk Scheme Cream which is a light to medium hold hair product. It’s a non greasy cream which you can use to add definition to your style. While it does contain bees wax it is water based so is easy to wash out unlike other products I’ve used in the past.

The Sesame Seed Oil and Burdock Root help to keep your hair conditioned, and it also contains Green Tea extract and Eucalyptus Oil which will help prevent dandruff and will also tone your scalp. It’s quite a shiny product so it’s great for slicked back looks and wet look styles.

Also in my pack is the Perricone MD H2 Elemental Energy Cloud Cream. Perricone MD are well known for their anti-ageing products so as a guy of a certain age it was a welcome addition. Okay at £80 for 50 ML it’s not a cheap cream but the technology that the cream includes may just be worth the price point.

The cream boasts the ability to deliver deep penetrating 24 hour hydration, thanks to its H2 Energy Complex™. Very light and super easily absorbed, it’s non greasy and allows the skin to breathe.

If you’re a guy who likes hair creams rather than gels and sprays the Jack Black Sleek Finish texture Cream may be worth a look, particularly is you suffer from a bit of frizz. Perfect for wavy or curlier hair, it’s lightweight and offers flexible styling and conditions the hair as it does so. You can use it on damp or dry hair and before or after drying so it’s quite a versatile product.

Lastly we have the Man Cave original moisturiser. With a really clean smell this moisturiser is slightly heavier than others I’ve looked at today but it’s still light enough to absorb easily. Created to mattify and energise the skin it contains caffeine, Organic Borage Oil and Shea Butter. The vitamin E feed and protects the skin and it’s a great product for the £8 price tag.

I hope I’ve introduced some products that might be of use to you today. Have you tried any of them before? What did you think of them? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading.



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