A new smile with Your Smile Direct – Part 2

Craig offers an update on his teeth straightening experience with invisible aligners from Your Smile Direct.

As my quest for the perfect smile continues I wanted to offer you an update on how I’ve been getting on. If you read my first Your Smile Direct Post post, you’ll remember that I went to their clinic in Covent Garden, London and had a 3D scan of my nashers. Those images were sent away for analysis and a few weeks later I received my sets of invisible aligners. The video below, and on my You Tube channel covers the story so far and shows you the aligners and how easy they are to fit.

So, I’m now three weeks in. The first set of aligners, while initially tight, got looser as my teeth moved in the required direction. I did struggle to remove them at first and that did stress me out slightly in the exact same way that it does when you get a ring stuck on your finger and that weird mild panic sets in, you know the feeling! But I soon found my way of getting them out easily, just as you will.

It’s also worth mentioning that you may get a slight lisp when talking, particularly when using a new set of aligners. This disappears after a day or so and while I noticed it, people around me didn’t seem to.

This Monday I put in my second set of aligners (it’s worth adding a note in your diary when you need to change yours) Again they felt very tight and I did again get some mild discomfort, particularly in my upper teeth on the right side. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not painful but I want to let you know that you may experience the same feeling. It feels more odd than painful.

I can already feel that my teeth have moved as my bite seems slightly different, so they are definitely working! So, I’ll keep using and changing my aligners and will update you again in a later post.

Keep smiling!

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