Philips Shavers Tested

Craig tests the Philips the Series 7000 ‘Less Mess’ Vacuum beard trimmer and the wet and dry shaver for sensitive skin


Philips have been making personal care products for decades and are market leaders in their field. They understand what matters, and knowing that a lot of guys suffer from razor rash, sensitive skin, pimples and burning from shaving they’ve created the series 7000 shavers, created exclusively for this reason.

First up we have the  wet and dry shaver.

The Wet And Dry Shaver

With three comfort rings which have an anti friction coating designed to glide over the skin without rubbing or causing irritation and a 5 dimensional flexible head and rings you’re sure to easily get to every angle of your face.

Inside the box you have a zip up case to protect your new shaver, which is great if you travel a lot. There’s also a charger (which will charge your shaver in an hour) and the handy precision trimmer for those side burns or to shape a moustache.

The shaver can be used with soap too, so don’t feel that you have to dry shave with this. Simply pop the head off and rinse under warm water after you’ve used it.

At £270 it’s not a cheap edition to your bathroom cabinet, but if to suffer from irritation and redness as a lot of us do, the investment may be worth it. Plus it’s currently on offer as Amazon for just £127, so grab a bargain or an early Christmas present while you can.

I tend to keep a short beard so don’t need a close shave as such, but I do shave my neck and keep the beard line at my neck as neat as I can. I usually use a disposable razor, resulting in redness and soreness. I used this razor today and had absolutely no irritation! So it works!

The ‘Less Mess’ Vacuum Trimmer

If your partner, parent, housemate or significant other always moans about you leaving hair in the sink after trimming your beard, Phillips has answered their prayers! This nifty little trimmer has a build in vacuum that stops all the trimmed hair from soiling the sink!

I’m a massive fan of this trimmer and it’s quickly replaced my old trimmer and gained a permanent position of the bathroom shelf. Priced at £80.00 it’s again on offer at Amazon for just £44.99 so get over there quick!

The trimmer has a handy adjustable dial and you can switch from 10 to 1 at the roll of the thumb. I set mine to 6 and got trimming. I found it very easy to use and it gave me a very neat finish compared to the trimmer I was using. The adjustable head is easily removed by gently squeezing it at the sides and you’re left with a trimmer. To trim more precisely Philips have included an addition smaller trimmer head. Just snap it on and tailor your beard with ease.

What’s more, the vacuum really does work! The blurb states that it will capture up to 90% of the hair and it really does. Yes, there were a few stray hairs in the sink but nothing like there would have been without it.

So, if you or the man in your life likes to keep facial furniture perfectly shaped, this is the tool for him, and at almost half price I’d grab one sharpish!



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