Mens grooming products from Primark.

Craig tries out some of the range of mens grooming products from Primark

We all know Primark for their great fashion and amazing prices, but did you know that they also offer an extensive range of grooming products for us guys? Who knew right! So for this sponsored post I wanted to show you some of the items, and tell you know what I think of them. Everything you see in this post cost me just £36. When you think that a moisturiser alone can cost that price or more, there are some incredible savings to be made in your grooming routine.

 Most guys start the day with a shave, and above you have the post shave moisturiser, Volume 2 aftershave, and the shave brush.  At just £2 the shave brush is of fairly good quality. I thought the bristles would all fall out, but even when I pulled them they stayed put and the hairs are nice and soft.

At £3 the post shave moisturiser is a medium weight cream, it has a nice fresh smell and was easily absorbed. It also made my skin feel very soft, and for the price I’d recommend it.

The aftershave is just one of a range that Primark offer. I had absolutely no idea that they stocked aftershaves! I chose Volume 2. I honestly do like the smell of this aftershave and with Mandarin, peppermint, cinnamon, Tonka bean and amber it has a very fresh but spicy and masculine scent. With a price tag of just £8 for 100ml it’s a total bargain, and the bottle is quite nice too.

 Now we move on to cleansing. The shower puff is a great buy at a crazy £1.50 and will help you get rid of any dead skin as you shower. The face wash at £2 for 150ml is lightweight. It has a subtle fresh smell and did the job well. It doesn’t foam up like others I’ve used, but I’m okay with that, and it’s a nice alternative to more expensive options.

I really liked the 2 in 1 hair and body wash. Again the smell is nice and fresh but not over powering and it did the job well. A 2 in 1 product like this is perfect for the gym bag as it cuts down on bottles, and you can’t argue with the £2 price tag either.

Next we have the Trim & Proper Man Soap. It lathered well, was soft and creamy and again had a very nice masculine smell. A good buy.

Next lets look at some treatments. Primark offer a few face masks but I chose the Hydro mask and the Mud Mask. Both cost just 80p and did what they intended to do. They didn’t feel cheap and nasty, they weren’t watery or weak and for the price they’re a good quality.

Now, the next product I’m a fan of. As a guy of a certain age I’m interested in anti ageing products, and the Anti-Ageing Face Serum at £4 for 50ml is a great buy. It feels just like any other serum that I’ve used, some of which are pretty pricey! It’s nice and light to the touch and really easily absorbed without any greasiness. I will be using this going forward.

Didn’t get that two weeks in the sun this year? Don’t worry, Primark have got you covered with their £2 face bronzer. It’s just a fake tan for your boat race. I’d recommend that you use their £1 facial cleansing brush and exfoliate before you apply it to avoid patchiness. You could even use the brush to apply the bronzer to make sure you’re spreading it evenly.

Last up we have the nail care kit at just £2, and in the zip up faux leather pouch you have scissors, large and small nail clippers, tweezers and a comb. Not sure why there’s a comb in a nail kit but there you go, there’s one if you need it!

The £2 body brush is a great addition to your bathroom. With a hand strap to hold it in place you can scrub and massage your entire body.

Finally we have their hair gel. It’s super fresh and citrussy and rivals any other basic hair gel that you’ve tried before. If gel isn’t your product of choice I do know that Primark also have clay in larger stores, so keep and eye out for that.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed by the range and it was  surprise for me that they had so many products on offer.  You can even get a wash bag for £5 to put them all in. So, when you’re next in your local store stop by the grooming range and give something a try, for these prices you’d be silly not to!


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