Hair care for thinning hair by Nioxin

Craig tests products by Nioxin available at Mankind, specifically formulated for thinning hair.

Established in 1987 Nioxin now have a wide range of products for us guys that may be experiencing some thinning of their hair. With shampoos, conditioners, styling products and treatments created by a team consisting of biologists, chemists, pharmacologists and hairdressers, there’s a full range of items to hep prevent further loss and encourage growth.

Today I’m trying out the Therm Activ Protector, the Definition Creme and the Niospray regular hold spray.

My hair is naturally quite curly and I regularly straightening it, which as we know can damage your hair, and if you’re hair is thinning or a little weak, the last thing you really want to do is add heat and pull at it with straighteners!

So, in recognition of this Nioxin have created the Therm Activ Protector. This is a spray which when activated by heat will help protect your hair from heat damage and breakage.

Simply spray on to towel dried hair, brush through, blow dry and straighten. I found the product very easy to use, it dries very well and it’s non greasy, which is always a bonus. It added a mild thickness to my hair which is good if your hair is finer than it could be.

I’m not too keen on the smell however. While it’s not offensive or chemically smelling it’s a little sweet, and I’m not personally a huge fan of sweeter smelling products. I prefer more earthy or citrus scents, so for me that could be improved upon, particularly if the target market is men.

After straightening my hair I tried the Definition Creme. It’s a very lightweight cream which is intended to assist with frizz control without the heaviness that some products can afford.

I ran a small amount through my hair and used the hairdryer to dry it in while brushing it through my hair. I’m a fan of this product as it’s totally non greasy and so light on the hair. It helps add volume and maintains your style. Still slightly sweet smelling it has more of a minty scent which I’m happy with as it adds the freshness that I like in a product.

Last up, to fix my style I gave it a burst of the Niospray. Again the fragrance is less than masculine, which for me is a negative, but I have to say that I am super fussy with scents. That aside I also found it to be quite a wet spray, so I’d recommend short bursts from a distance and allow the hair to dry between each one to avoid dampening.

It held well however, but we must remember that I now have three different products on my hair, so I don’t know how well it would hold if this were the only product that I’d used.

We should also remember that the main purpose of these products is to prevent hair loss and support healthy growth and prevent against breakage, and this may be what you’re most interested in. I have not used the products for an extended period to be able to tell you that this positively affected my hair in that way, but I can say that it did feel thicker and healthier, which is always a bonus.

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