A day of fine Whisky and Polo with Royal Salute

Craig shares his day with Royal Salute as their guest at the Coronation Polo Cup at Windsor Great Park.


As a leader in fine Whisky production, Royal Salute knows exactly what it takes to blend and produce some of the best whiskies in the world.

After the bottling of their first batch of blended whisky in June of 1953 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elisabeth II, the brand have gone from strength to strength and 60 years later they created the Diamond Tribute blend in recognition of her 60th Anniversary as Queen of England.

As official sponsor of the Coronation Polo Cup there was plenty of fine Whisky to sample, but that was after myself along with other influencers and journalists received a lesson in the art of Polo playing by master player Malcom Borwick.

After being taught how to hold the stick we set about learning the different swings. Some of us were better than others and I seemed to quite quickly get the hang of it.



After a few practice shots on solid ground it was time to move to the wooden horses to get a better feel of how it would be on a horse. Again, while no expert I did pick it up quite easily and felt comfortable. So, it was then time to try out my newly found skills on horseback!

My horse Vera (named after Vera Lynne) looked after me and was very obedient and patient with having a novice player on her back. After knocking a few balls around the field it was time to dismount and get on the Whisky!

With the Royal Salute 21, the 38 and the 62 Gun Salute we had the best of the best to sample. Malcolm switched hats from Polo teacher to Whisky connoisseur and took us through the process and the tastings. Did we taste the vanilla or get that citrus note? Did the taste of the sherry casks come through?


With Whiskies ranging from £95.00 a bottle up to £35,000 a bottle we were finally treated to the feast of flavours of the 62 Gun Salute, at £3,800 a bottle and £120 a shot I felt honoured to be among the tasters. Aged for at least 40 years it’s bottled in a stunning blue glass decanter which is painted and inlaid with 24 Carat gold, so it doesn’t come much more luxurious than that!

Following the tasting it was time to get suited and booted in preparation for our pre-match meal at the Guards Polo Club. And of course we had to travel there in style, and what better way than horse drawn carriages.

The food was stunning, and after our first course of beetroot salad and goats cheese we enjoyed a main course of beautifully cooked chicken, all the time accompanied by Royal Salute Whisky.




So, food and whisky consumed it was time for the big match. Just before the players entered the field the heavens opened in typical British summer style and made for a pretty wet game. Undeterred by the weather the England and Commonwealth teams set to work and gave us some amazing moments of Polo.




It was an amazing day and one that I won’t forget in a hurry. With great company, great polo, great food, and of course incredible Whisky the day was a great success and I’d like to thank Royal Salute for the amazing experience and the opportunity to share this sponsored post with you.



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