Jaguar Pace Accelerate – Feel The Adrenaline

Craig attends the launch of Pace Accelerate, the new men’s fragrance from Jaguar

Craig attends the launch of Jaguar Pace Accelerate at the Marylebone Hotel

Jaguar bill this brand new version of the best selling Pace fragrance as “an expression of true masculinity” and who am I to argue. The launch of this fresh, vibrant and citrussy fragrance took place at the Marylebone Hotel, a fittingly sophisticated venue.

The new bottle and packaging showcases the classic elements of the Jaguar car

Created by master perfumer Dominique Preyssas, it’s described as as “high energy mix of citrus and spices” which is “designed for a man with confidence and charasmia. A man who thrives on challenge. A man who’s fragrance reflects his drive for excellence”

Pace Accelerate, citrus, florals and woods combine to make a charismatic new fragrance


The launch was held at the Marylebone Hotel in London where we were treated to an array of food and wine

The fragrance first offers the distinct freshness and vibrancy of bergamot and mandarin, but there’s a deeper resonance of cardamom which delivers a denser, and more masculine element. Balancing the notable zestiness and taking the fragrance to another level.

Yours truly sampling the latest member of the Jaguar fragrance family
Cardamom delivers a deep, spicy element  which balances the citrus burst

As the scent develops, we then get a further hit of spice with white pepper, nutmeg, coriander and juniper. The hint of lily-of-the-valley and jasmine gives the fragrance an aspects of class and refinement which is needed to further balance the spiciness.

Finishing with woody accords and musky back notes, the fragrance is complete, and leaves this trailing gently behind the wearer, impacting on those in its wake.

The fragrance finishes with woody and musky accords


Guests at the Jaguar fragrance launch sip champagne and discuss the latest offering

The bottle itself is designed to offer a little more modernity compared to its predecessor and comes with a distinctive lattice embossing, which is taken directly from the Jaguar radiator grille. You’ll also notice that it has an appealing gradient in the silver lacquer, again making it stand out from it’s forefather.

In a heavy aqua glass, the bottle is finished with a black metal topper, and of course the distinctive “Growler” emblem.

Jaguar Pace Accelerate, a fresh, modern and vibrant fragrance for the modern man


Press, PR and bloggers sample the new Jaguar fragrance
Elements that make up the fragrance were displayed at the press launch

Available in Marks & Spencer in Autumn 2017 you can pick up a bottle and get your own piece of Jaguar for just £44.00 (100ml)

Master perfumer Dominic Preyssas describes how he created this new fragrance in the Jaguar family


Jaguar Pace Accelerate, available in Marks & Spencer from autumn 2017

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